Avoiding GMOs can be good for your health

Famous British Primatologist Jane Goodall believes that genetically modified foods have deceived the masses and corrupted the governments. More importantly and horrifically, this type of foods have neglected and overruled the laws of science. Such foods cannot be good for human consumption.

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The governments of a handful of countries have allowed the genetically modified foods in the market but that does not necessarily mean they are safe. The public has little knowledge about what is genetically modified food and how unsafe it can be. In US and Canada, the food manufacturers don’t have to label their food as genetically modified. This makes it difficult for the buyers to avoid such food.

The science behind it

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According to the reports of World Health Organization, genetically modified foods consist of DNA of different organisms. This type of modification is against nature. However, American Association for the Advancement of Science has claimed that genetically modified foods are safe to consume and it demonstrates how far science has advanced.

FDI has approved genetically modified foods and they do not need to be labeled specially for being marketed. But FDI has also mentioned that the genetically modified foods must meet the same specifications as the non-genetically engineered food.

Unfortunately, these days more than 85% of the corn and soy available in supermarkets across the US are all genetically modified. For increasing the yield the DNA of seeds are modified. Genetically modified food entered the market in 1994.

Nothing can yet be said with certainty about its impact on consumers but it can be dangerous. The genes of one plant are transferred to another plant. This may pass the allergens of one plant to another and people may suffer from allergies by eating simple soy beans or sugar.

Go organic

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Many eco-conscious and health conscious individuals have already started to buy only organic foods. You should follow their lead. Either buy products which have 100% organic label or else start farming in your backyard. Buy from local farmers who cultivate using organic methods. Non-GMO Project Seal offers the guarantee that the food you are buying has not been modified genetically. Also buy dairy product by checking if they have the ‘No rBGH’ mark or not. Dairy products which have artificial hormones can be dangerous for your health.

Tips for avoiding GMOs effectively

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You should try your best to avoid cereals that have been made from corn, canola or soy. These grains are produced using genetic modification technology. No wonder the cereals fall under GMO category as well. 90% of the canola oil produced in US is genetically modified. Instead of canola use low risk olive oil.

Do not offer your family members granola bars, lunch meats or snack packs which consist of GMOs. Soy products are used in most of the packaged foods and drinks. The soy products are cultivated using genetic modification techniques.

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Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Changing the food habits of your family and loved ones will not be an easy task. Chuck out one product at a time and try to replace it with non-GMO products.

Along with canola oil and soy products you will also have to avoid corn products including popcorns. Some of the trusted organic certification institutes are QAI, Oregon Tilth and CCOF. Look for foods and products certified by these institutions. If you love to eat beef then by only 100% grass fed beef meat.

Genetically modified food is everywhere and avoiding such food can be a difficult challenge. Try to buy organic foods or start a kitchen garden.

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