Health mantras that can help cancer survivors live a fruitful life

You have survived the world’s most life threatening disease called cancer but that does not make you healthy. For regaining your health after surviving cancer and minimizing the chances of its recurrence you will need to change your lifestyle.

Hope for future

Most people tend to take their health for granted. When a disease occurs they get it treated by taking medicines and undergoing surgeries. But few have a clear idea about post operative care. Once your doctor gives you the green signal to go back to leading a normal life to cancer you must adapt an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that curbs the chances of cancer’s return.

Change the way you eat

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The first and foremost change that you have to make is dietary. Your diet must consist of fruits and wholegrain. American Cancer Society has suggested that cancer survivors should eat at least 2.5 cups of fruits and veggies everyday and they should avoid eating saturated fat as much as possible.

The proteins, which have lower amount of saturated fats like lean meats, fish, eggs and nuts are better for them. Legumes are also healthy sources of carbohydrates for cancer survivors, apart from wholegrain. Instead of following a fad diet or low fat diet, the cancer survivors should always focus on eating a balanced diet. Eat 5 to 6 comparatively smaller meals throughout the day instead of 2 to 3 big meals. The small meals are easier to digest. Make sure to include nutrient dense, especially anti-oxidant rich foods in your diet.

Lead a more active life

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Surviving cancer is an act of bravery and persistence. It means that life has given you a second chance. Appreciate this second chance by being more active every day. Consult your doctor and if you get their permission start exercising. You may start by practicing simple exercises, biking, walking or strolling. Later start playing a game of your choice like basketball, badminton or lawn tennis. Swimming is also a healthy activity.

Exercising will help cancer survivors regain their physical strength and endurance. It will also reduce the signs of depression and tension. Often cancer patients tend to feel fatigued post their treatment. Light exercising will help them feel energized. Exercising also increases self-confidence and improves mood. It is essential to stay active physically and mentally for overall well being.

Keep your weight in check

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Though this health strategy is linked with those mentioned above, it is so necessary that it deserves a separate space for itself. Cancer survivors must keep their weight in check. A healthy weight helps everyone stay fitter but when you have already had a tête-à-tête with death then it becomes a priority. Researchers have found that obesity has a direct link with several types of cancers including post-menopausal breast cancer, uterus, pancreas, liver and colon cancer.

Fat tissues are known to produce estrogen, which is not necessary for our body. The excess estrogen can be the cause of breast and uterus cancer. If you are already obese then it is your duty to first reduce the excess weight and then maintain it. Stop eating junk food, drinking alcohol and smoking. Walk to the stores instead of using the car and don’t use the lift ever again. This way you will easily shed weight and keep fit.

Surviving cancer is a difficult task but it is also a challenge to not let cancer come back or recur. A healthy lifestyle can help cancer survivors in staying fit and leading a normal life. Keep your body and mind active, eat a balanced diet and keep your weight on check for kicking cancer to the curb and living a long happy life.

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