Eat smart to become smart?: 11 Brainy foods

Nutrients, both micro and macro have played an immense role in shaping out the physical and mental needs of the human civilization. While even a miniscule deficiency can cause acute disasters on health, taking care of these miniscule amounts can make life a lot easier and healthier. Most important of these nutrients are the ones which have a direct effect on the human brain. This is because damage done to all the vital organs except for the brain and the heart can be undone, however, brain cells once rendered useless, do not gain their past capabilities. Brain tissue deteriorates along with age; however, this process of brain aging can be slowed down, if not stopped. How? Of course, by focusing on the food that we consume on a daily basis. Our consumables are capable of bringing in an all round change in our health and behavior. Let us discuss some of these food items.

1. Caffeine


A sure shot drug, yet caffeine is prevalent throughout the world in the forms of chocolates, coffee and drinks. And imagine what, no government puts a ban on its production. Why should they? After all, caffeine is a potent stimulant that tells the brain that it is time to wake up and pay attention. Nevertheless, consuming caffeine in an excessive quantity is harmful. It makes you addicted, and once you stop taking shots of strong coffee mugs, you would probably not feel respite. In the long term, it impairs brain health when consumed regularly.

2. Sugar

Sugar Can

A sweet bite is not something that makes tongues tingle, sugar is also an important element for your brains to stay bold on. Here, we mean the soluble sugar glucose. Glucose is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and begins its work in the body very soon. So in case you feel a bit weak and think you need something to charge yourself up, grab a glass of juice and gulp it down. It would be rejuvenating immediately.

3. Breakfast

Eat Breakfast

Eating a full breakfast is absolutely indispensable to take a rough day ahead with full zest and energy. A complete breakfast that contains whole grains, milk, fruits, juices, eggs and bacon is something that every sane man should go for. Skipping a full breakfast is a folly which many of us commit. Our brain gets a fresh gush of fuel through the morning breakfast. It is unjust to take this energy source away from it.

4. Fish


Fish are a potent source of proteins. Apart from proteins, fish also contains omega 3 fatty acids, which participate actively in brain development and memory sharpening. The process of brain cell aging is also significantly reduced due to the regular consumption of these fatty acids. If it is not possible to have fish in the diet on a regular basis, it should be made a point to have at least two servings of fish weekly.

5. Nuts and chocolates

Nuts and Chocolate

I am sure you would not say no to these two items, they have been all time favorites through age groups together. Both of these contain a significant amount of antioxidants and brain stimulating factor. Dark chocolate is believed to increase concentration and memory. It also acts a stimulant since it contains caffeine.

6. Avocados and whole grains

Avocados and Whole Grains

Avocados and whole grains contain monounsaturated fatty acids and fibers respectively. While fibers help in achieving a cleaned up system, MUFAs help in clearing blockages of blood vessels which have otherwise been coarsened by cholesterol particles. This keeps the heart in a healthy state. And a healthy heart would mean a fluent blood supply. This could certify a bubbling brain health.

7. Blueberries


Blueberries have that magical formula in them which simply eradicates off the sole reason of brain aging – free radicals, which accelerate the process of oxidation in tissues. Research has proven this fact. Consuming blueberries regularly keeps the brain in an excellent condition; in fact, age seems to have absolutely no effect on the working of the brain.

8. Balanced diet

Healthy Diet

This is the most important of all the factors. Excess of anything is as bad as its scarcity. Macronutrients are easier to get than the micronutrients. Hence, a balanced diet is the only way to make up for any deficiency in these micronutrients. All the more important for our brains, since any heavy metal can make your brain slow down, while the lack of any micronutrient can make it behave a bit crazy.

9. Supplements

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements

In case your regular diet lacks in any particular nutrient, supplements are the recommended way to reach to the desired level. However, the effect of supplements on the brain still remains a controversy. It is advisable to take medical advice before going for any supplement.

10. Lifestyle

Big Day

Most people do not seem to understand the fact that most of the undesirable effects that our brains undergo are a direct result of the lives that we lead. Stress, tension, pressure, competition and the extreme desire to excel have led us to a state of broken health conditions. A completely relaxed sleep, ample rest, exercise and potential time spent with oneself are necessary to ensure a good brain health above all.

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