Eat healthy, look younger?: The Facts

Healthy eating habits prevent you from the diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and high cholesterol levels. Optimum functioning of the body is possible only when it is in a healthy state. Then can there by any development of bones and muscles. Following a healthy diet keeps your body supplied with antioxidants that are essential for a younger look. An excellent way to keep you look younger is by including certain raw foods in your diet regularly. You may loose the essential proteins and vitamins by overcooking. You are likely to put on weight by irregular eating patterns. Eating a healthy food not only makes your digestive system to perform well; but also keeps you energetic, lighter and mentally active. All these result in a younger looking skin. Here are some of the facts related to anti-aging process.

Role of the skin in helping you look younger

Avoiding sun from skin damage

A diet that lacks nutrition has a direct impact on your skin’s appearance. The key nutrients such as vitamin B, C and D are essential for the body to protect your skin from the UV light. The research carried out by the British Association of dermatologists suggest that protecting your skin from the UV light of the sun gifts you with a younger looking skin. External application of sun-block creams and lotions protect your skin from UV light. Avoid smoking as it affects the elastin in the skin. Continuous exposure to UV light results in skin cancer that causes wrinkles. Sleep is another factor that helps the skin to repair. The skin cells require some time to rejuvenate themselves.

Role of nutrients in anti-ageing process

Food and nutrients reverse the aging process

Nutrients play a vital role in the process of reverse ageing. Vitamin A is found plenty in greens and vegetables such as carrot, apricots, sweet potatoes, egg, broccoli and spinach.

Your skin absorbs the sun rays and convert it into vitamin D. People allergic to the exposure of sun may include oranges and milk in their food that supplies the required vitamin D. Experts advice to include mushrooms that are rich in vitamin D in your diet.

Tomatoes, kiwi and citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C that is essential for the better functioning of the tissues.

Declining age of the body

Good diet Plan

You cannot alter the chronological age but there are certain factors associated with the biological age. Over exposure to sun, lack of quality sleep, smoking and improper eating habits are the factors responsible for the biological age. Experts suggest that staying away from the sun’s heat help you stay younger, but nutrition also plays an important role in making the skin to appear young. Vitamin E is present in high content in Avocados that are helpful for the skin.

Role of genetics in aging process

Genetics to the aging process

Studies have proved that by committing themselves to a healthy life style, parents are passing on the genes related with aging to their children.

Role of hormones and menopause in aging process

Hormones and menopause slow down aging

Studies have reported that women undergoing estrogen replacement therapy as a step to slow down aging are at a higher risk of heart diseases. Including foods like beans and legumes that are rich in phytoestrogens in your diet is an alternate to the replacement therapy. Do not wait to get older, start using these foods in right proportions at the earliest. According to a Japanese Author, Japanese women show their age lesser than what they are. The reason for this is that they use small amount of tofu in their soups. Flax and soy are also a rich source of phytoestrogens.

Some people look older in-spite of sticking to a nutritious diet

People follow a healthy lifestyle still look older .

The ultra-marathoners (physical stressors) may make the skin loose its suppleness leading to small accumulation of the body fat. On realizing the problems of overweight, people tend to loose weight. This causes the sagging of the skin that makes them look older. This fact should not prevent you from loosing the extra fat, you can follow some of the physical exercise that tones up your skin and you can also go for plastic surgery.

Include oats in your diet

People eating oatmeal

Experts say that oats are the soluble fibers that play a vital role in the aging mechanism. Regular consumption of oatmeal causes your body to produce Nitric oxide. This in turn improves your blood circulation, thereby providing enough oxygen and nutrients to cells of your body. To further add taste to oatmeal, add cherries, pomegranate and raspberries to it.

Keep eating your favorite foods, but try them in smaller amounts. Following a healthy regime keeps you looking younger and beautiful.

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