'Don't smoke' color changing badge for pregnant women!

dont smoke badge
Being pregnant or in other words, the feeling of a to-be-mom is indeed one experience nothing can outdo. Maternity time is not only the happiest times for a mother but even people(except a few) pay all the attention and respect to such a lady. Being courteous towards a pregnant women especially in public places does show one’s upbringing. However, few people have a tendency to ignore such facts and smoke, even after knowing that smoking is injurious to health.

Whatever, if you are one of the ladies with this bliss, here is a badge that will help you escape smoke and other harmful conditions such as coldness etc. This badge has the capacity to detect smoke. On such an indication, the badge changes the color to blue. The badge has been designed with a ‘Don’t smoke’ caption and another thing cute about it that even the face take different shapes. Alas! This will help people realize their responsibilities towards pregnant women.

Source: Petitinvention

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