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Diets to avoid at any cost

Eating Disorder

A diet is a combination of various foods that are put together in the right proportion, each of these proportions represent one form of food group. Certain diets are good while others are considered to be dangerous, her are some of the things that should not be included in your diet if you have any of the following ailments:

Lack of sleep:

All of us enjoy grabbing a quick snack before we go to sleep. Late nights at work sometimes translates to a hurried meal or snack just before bed. There are some foods that should not be eaten before bad and each one has their own reasons- celery is one such thing. Even though is has low calories but is adiuretic. It increases urine production and therefore sleepless nights for you. Red meat takes longer to digest and your body has to work harder to digest it. Pizza is filled with meats and cheese and can lead to stomach aches or heart burn. Dark chocolate may be good for the heart but the the obromine and caffeine can keep you awake, citrus fruits are to be avoided by those with heartburn and/or acid reflux.

Yo yo diets:

This refers to an unstable change in your diet that involves including or excluding foods. Foods should be carefully measures and cut out or added to your diet. Yo yo diets are not recommended as at one stage you starve your bodies of certain nutrients while at another stage you over load on these same nutrients. These long gaps or breaks between foods are dangerous. Meals should be well planned and should be eaten at fixed timings.

Canned foods:

Canned foods like pineapples, apricots and tomatoes are an economical alternative but they contain BPA- this can affect and increase the acidity levels present in the foods especially in canned tomato. When using these fruits, stick to the natural variety.

 Processed/ Dei meats:

Turkey, chicken, salami, roast beef and ham are great sources of protein but it is better to buy them fresh form the butcher’s. the processed version that are manufactured in factories contain very high levels of sodium and are derived from animals that are fed antibiotics and hormones, they also contain coloring and flavoring agents and nitrates.

Non organic fruits and vegetables:

These are sprayed with fungicides and pesticides that can lead to the creation of pernicious toxins, buy organically cultivated fruits and veggies instead.

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