Decluttering Your House Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

What is clutter?

Have you ever realized that your house holds more stuff than it actually should? From overflowing showcases and bookshelves bulging with magazines and papers, to redundant pieces of furniture and seldom-used kitchen items. All this useless stuff makes up for all the clutter in your home.

Not just your home, but your desk at office can get cluttered too. With files piling one on top of the other, this clutter leaves you little to no room to max out your creativity. With the advent of online transactions, digital cluttering can take place in your email inbox too. It is better to clear off this mess lest you want it to hamper your mental peace and productivity.

How does it affect you physically?

challenge to hunt

  • It is a challenge to hunt for your important belongings in a pile of unwanted stuff. This can result in a negative impact on your daily activities like causing you to be late for work and so on.
  • Clutter drains you of your motivation and energy. You end up feeling less enthusiastic and cheerful. There is a certain negative vibe about a cluttered place which is not so appealing.
  • There is a strong connection between an untidy house and unhealthy eating habits. People tend to consume more snacks and junk food in the presence of a chaotic mess, than in cleaner and calmer environments.
  • It kills all your motivation of working out. A junk food diet coupled with little physical exercise will lead your body to an unhealthy future, all by virtue of a cluttered home and desk.

How does it influence your mental wellbeing?

influence your mental wellbeing

  • It is gives you a feeling that you are not in control of your life anymore. This can trigger your negative outbursts in other areas as well, where you feel that your life and ambitions are going downhill.
  • The messiness and untidiness of your home will not make you look forward to going home.
  • Constant notifications on your phone and laptop will drain you of your emotional and mental capacity, and will cause you to become irritated and agitated.

How can you get rid of clutter?

get rid of clutter

  • Assign a particular storage space for your belongings and keep it as brief as you can.
  • Start de cluttering one room, one shelf at a time. Do not directly start in the middle of your house since it will be too tedious of a job and will leave you feeling depressed.
  • Keep an eye out for clothes and other items in your wardrobe that have not been in use, and get rid of them. Give away your bags or shoes which you own but no longer use.
  • Keep your shelves and wardrobes updated from time to time in order to avoid the accumulation of clutter all over again.
  • Clear your computer of all clutter by removing unnecessary files and other unimportant stuff from your desktop. You can also keep erasing off emails as and when you reply to them.

How will de-cluttering improve your physical health?


  • You will not be wasting time unnecessarily dwelling on where to keep your important stuff. You will realize you have plenty of space in your house to accommodate all that you truly need.
  • Getting rid of unwanted stuff lying around your house will significantly improve your eating habits too. Eating healthy and fine will benefit your body in the long run.
  • A good positive vibe around your house will mean more productivity, less irritability and even more beneficial outcomes with respect to your work.
  • An organized home space will motivate you better to work out more, thereby ensuring your physical fitness. 

How will de-cluttering benefit your state of mind?


  • A clean house and a clear desk is a great and calm background for you to think effectively and work productively.
  • You can get better at reading other people’s mind and faces, now since your mind does not have to deal with all that clutter sitting there right in the front.
  • An organized house will leave you with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that you have accomplished a great deal even before you have actually begun your day.
  • It will boost you to bring back your life on track, and improve your performance at work, and improve your relations with your loved ones.

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