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Oxygen therapy, an easy way to rejuvenate yourself


We have often heard about oxygen therapy for athletes or sports personalities and wondered what all the hullabaloo is about; but we know it would definitely be a pricey process!

The general idea of the process—Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) — is to supply more oxygen to the entire body to create ATP for energy and eliminate muscle fatigue causing lactic acid. It rejuvenates and replenishes the body instantly; that’s the reason why we see many celebrities trying out this therapy nowadays.

However, what we would like to bring to light is the benefits of this therapy as it is becoming ever popular at facilities around us. There are both therapeutic and non-medicinal related benefits associated with HBOT.  The pricing associated with it is quite high, but not completely unaffordable and exorbitant.

Fastens healing

Hyperbaric-Oxygen-TherapyThe extra oxygen which reaches every part of the body through your blood, fights against bacteria and releases growth factors and stem cells to enhance healing processes and fights infections.

Reduces arthritis related pains

The pains occurring due to inflammation in arthritis—multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis– can have considerable relief with the hyperbaric therapy. Basically, the oxygen helps in suppressing the autoimmunity in the patients during HBOT sessions and gives them relief.

Improves brain function

brain The extra oxygen in your body boosts good mood and gives a feeling of wellbeing. It helps to be more productive as you tend to be fresher. Better memory and overall brain functioning has been recorded in patrons. HBOT is highly recommended for people with regular migraine issues.

Ease in technique

Absorbing the pure oxygen in Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is quite easy, you either lie down or sit upright in a comfortable position and just inhale all that oxygen in the chamber. There is no need of any special costume and you can even go into the chamber with your devices and stay connected or get work done in there! Some facilities even have a mask with tubes installed over your head like a helmet to feed you with oxygen.

Good for skin


Oxygen therapy promotes good glowing skin as it heals the skin and improves the elasticity of the skin. The oxygen therapy is now ever popular for its anti-aging treatments and we read articles about it every time when a celebrity has just undergone one.

Overall wellness

There are regular injuries we accumulate in our bodies, which remain at cellular levels and are not aware of it unless over a period these injuries aggravate and cause some major discomfort or disease. The oxygen that is absorbed through this therapy reaches from the toes of your feet to fingertips of your hands and repairs all these cellular damages. It is a deep cleansing process that takes care of your whole body.

General fatigue

fatigueMost of us are really tired today with all that stress from work and home keeping, especially in the cities. We try different methods like spa treatments, ayurvedic massages and expensive getaways to get rid of the tiredness we carry within ourselves. HBOT is highly recommended for people who have chronic fatigue to mild everyday fatigue.

Useful in Diabetes

The number one life style disease faced by many throughout the world today is diabetes and in many cases it leads to foot ulcers and finally lower limb amputation as the final resort. However, even after such life changing processes, the patient’s life expectancy is generally reduced to an average of three years. HBOT is recommended to patients with diabetic foot ulcer today and has saved many patients from lower limb amputation.

Speeds recovery for treatments

Hyperbaric-Oxygen-TherapyA patient who is taking more time than the usual recovery time while undergoing medical treatment for stroke, cerebral palsy, burns and head injuries is usually prescribed for HBOT to speed up recovery. It reduces the patient’s stay at the hospital, reduces overall treatment cost and possibly any surgical intervention that may be required if the healing process takes time.

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