Criteria for choosing brand elements – Memorable, Meaningful, Pleasant, Flexible and Protected

To earn positive customer based equity it is essential that healthcare providers choose brand elements keeping in view the customer brand knowledge. The elements should be able to augment brand awareness, enable the formation of positive, strong and exclusive healthcare brand associations, and obtain favorable brand feelings and consumer reactions. As a general guideline, healthcare providers can choose brand elements on the basis of following features:


·         Memorable

Any image or logo that is unforgettable will easily remain in the minds of the consumers. It should be such that it can be promptly recalled by the consumers. This helps in building brand awareness and brand equity.


·         Meaningful

The brand element should have a meaning and be able to communicate general or specific information about the product. For example a healthcare brand of herbal products shows green leaves as a symbol. This suggests something about the product ingredient; that it is herbal. Thus it makes it easy to remember along with the nature and purpose of the brand.
·         Pleasant

It is very important that the brand elements are liked by the consumers. They can be interesting and entertaining as well. Brand elements can have images, colors, styles and themes that are pleasing to the consumers. For example, for a brand of baby care products, it is pleasing to have a gentle appearance with mild colors.


·         Flexible

It is essential that the brand elements should be chosen in such a way that they are flexible even with a brand extension. This is also true in case of geographic and cultural differences, where the brand elements should be flexible enough to be accepted everywhere. For example, if the name of the brand is in a particular native language, it will have to be translated in other languages when considering global availability. If the name is less specific, it can be easily transferred across other categories for extensions as well as easily considered for global marketing. The brand elements should also be adaptable to the changing trends and consumer values with time or place.


  • ·         Protected

The most important aspect is that the brand element like name, logo, character, etc must be legally protected. They should be registered with the concerned governing bodies. Additionally, while choosing brand elements, healthcare providers must also check if the brand is competitively protectable. The name, colors, packaging etc if easily copied, the brand can lose it uniqueness.


If the brand element is more memorable, meaningful or specific it is less flexible.  It is difficult to choose a brand element that satisfies all the features.  It is therefore better to include multiple brand elements. For example, a brand of baby care products can have an image of a baby, with mild colors, tender look, soft music for the jingle, a name suggesting baby care, etc.


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