Brand Elements – Brand names, Brand logos, Brand images and symbols, Brand Character, Brand Slogans & Packaging


Brand elements are specific characteristics of a brand that help to identify and differentiate the brand. The commonest elements are names, symbols, logos, slogans, characters, etc.


Brand names

A brand name is the core theme and easily captures attention. Healthcare brand names should be easily remembered, be evocative of the idea, the product division, the unique benefits and be easily transferable. The brand names get easily associated to the products in the minds of the consumers and then become very difficult to change. Hence a decision regarding the brand name must be taken carefully and must be well researched. At the same time global branding issues should also be kept in mind, so as to avoid mishaps related to the cultural and language differences.

Additionally, special attention needs to be given to factors that help in creating brand awareness and brand associations. The brand name should be simple and easy to pronounce. This helps in building strong memories in the minds of consumers or patients and encourages exposure by word of mouth. Secondly, the name should be familiar and meaningful, so that it is easily understood, related and remembered by the consumers.


Brand logos, images and symbols

These features are the core elements when it comes to visual appeal and memory. They are very important in indicating origin and ownership and thereby help in creating brand awareness and building brand equity. These can be of different types and can range from trademarks to simple designs and colors. Some images directly represent the meaning of the brand name, thus helping to enhance brand awareness. The greatest advantage of these elements is that they are easily recognized and remembered. Also, as most of these logos and symbols are pictorial, they can be easily transferred across various cultures and other healthcare product categories.



This brand element is unique type, where a real life character is used as a symbol. The characters are linked with brand with its purpose, working and benefits. These characters are highly creative and colorful and easily attract consumers. They easily gain popularity, can be flexible and also create an image of the brand as fun and interesting. For example, a health drink for toddlers is associated with a special character like a teddy bear that promotes the consumption of that drink for better development during toddler years.


Slogans & jingles

These are short phrases that communicate brand characteristics, benefits and other information that persuades consumers. These are generally short, crispy and meaningful. They can be very powerful, when designed properly and updated accordingly. They help in building memories and serve the purpose of anchoring consumers to the brand.



Packaging includes producing covers, containers or wrappers for the product. The unique characteristics that are found in the design, color scheme and manner of packaging, help to build brand awareness and promotes easy recognition.


All these brand elements help in building brand awareness, brand image and ultimately brand equity.]]>

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