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The causes and effects of rapid weight loss

Losing weight

A person with slim body looks more attractive and people are finding new ways to look slim and manage their body weight. Weight loss is good only if it is done the right way. If you are losing your weight rapidly then it can be very dangerous for your health and life as well. An unexpected weight loss can be a result of many causes. It can be caused due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and many other reasons.yoga classes

In this modern world, weight loss has become a trend for people as they find it a great way to make their life healthy and fit. In order to lose weight people prefer to go to the gym, do daily bodywork, and join yoga classes. People, especially women may feel good if they experience rapid weight loss. This can be a warning sign regarding your health conditions.

Causes of rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss can cause because of various health conditions. It can be a symptom of various diseases like cancer, AIDS, depression, missing teeth, chronic liver disease, and kidney disease. A drug addict can face rapid weight loss, which has to be treated as soon as possible.

Gastrointestinal causes of weight loss

A person with various gastrointestinal problems may face a rapid weight loss. This includes problems like cancer if gastrointestinal tract, chronic diarrhea, gastrointestinal infection, malabsorption syndrome, and peptic ulcer.

endocrine or hormonal disorders

Endocrinologic causes of weight loss

Rapid weight loss can also be caused by endocrine or hormonal disorders, which includes Addision’s disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes. Various other endocrinologic disorders may cause unexpected weight loss in people.

Other causes

Unwanted and rapid weight loss can be a main symptom of various chronic diseases and infections. Adrenal insufficiency, cancer, congestive heart failure, HIV/AIDS, various infections, kidney diseases, and malnutrition may lead to rapid weight loss. If a person is addicted to various types of drugs and alcohol, this may cause an unwanted weight loss.

Side effects of rapid weight loss

Side effects of rapid weight loss

Rapid and an unwanted weight loss can have various physical and psychological side effects.

  • Rapid weight loss will definitely make you feel weak and will lead to the state of ailment. This can make you very weak and prone to various diseases. You may feel pale and lethargic, which can affect your work and efficiency.
  • If you do not eat anything, it can decrease the amount of calcium and protein in your body. This may cause hair loss and will make your muscles weak.
  • Unwanted and rapid weight loss often leaves a person with loose skin on the legs, arms, and abdomen. It can lead to problems like hair fall, depression, headache, and body ache.
  • It can make your lungs, and kidney weak and can occur problems like lung and kidney failure.


It is important to treat rapid weight loss as it can lead to multiple physical and psychological problems. A healthy diet plan can play an important role to gain your health back. Losing weight is good if it is done in a healthy manner. You can achieve a healthy life by adopting a healthy life style. Healthy eating habits can make you feel strong and improves the overall mechanism of your body. Physical health will lead to psychological health as if you will follow a healthy diet along with healthy lifestyle then this will help you to heal with problems like stress, depression, and fatigue.


In this modern era, people are keen to have slim body and for this, they enroll themselves to special weight loss classes, gym, and yoga classes in order to lose weight rapidly. This may seems nice but this can make you unwell and can even risk your life.

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