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Vitamin D as an excellent nutrient

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Vitamins and minerals are essential for the growth and development of human being. Sun is the biggest source of vitamin D, which is required by all living beings. Many studies have shown multiple benefits of vitamin D. It can be very beneficial to treat pain and enhance the functioning of immune system.muscle ache

Vitamin D is considered very helpful to treat various types of cancers and also as a preventive measure for the disease. Most people have vitamin D deficiency and this can lead to problems like muscle ache, depressions, and poor body strength. It can be very beneficial to kill harmful bacteria in an ailed person. It can give strength to person to deal problems like tuberculosis and cancer.

People often are deficient because few foods are rich in vitamin D like fatty fish and cod liver oil. That sun is the main source of vitamin D and limited sunbath can help you to take sufficient amount of vitamin D. It is also important to consider that more exposure to sun can harm your skin and can cause skin cancer.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and teeth as it helps the body to use calcium from our daily diet. Its deficiency can cause rickets, which is a disease that is responsible for soft bones. Its symptoms include bone pain, muscle ache, low level of vitamin in blood this can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease that can be life threatening.

Deficiency of vitamin D can cause severe asthma in children, cognitive impairment, and cancer in older or adults. Things that can lead to deficiency of vitamin D are – if you do not consume the recommended level of vitamin over time, if your exposure to sunlight is limited, and many other reasons.

Blood cancer

Sun can treat many diseases and some of them are as follows:

Blood cancer

Sunshine can play a big role in treating blood cancer as deficiency of vitamin D can cause various types of blood cancers. This may involve chronic lymphocytic leukemia and diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Various studies have shown that sunlight can be very helpful for people who are receiving chemotherapy. Sunshine can keep them away from various harmful bacteria that can cause infections.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is most common type of cancer that affect women as it caused by a group of cancerous cells that grow in the breast and areas around it. The severity and stage of the cancer often depends on the size of the tumor, which can affect other parts of the body. According to experts, low levels of vitamin D can cause breast cancer and this can be treated by taking sufficient vitamin D.

A cancer patient requires around 10,000 IU per day. Vitamin can prevent you from vitamin D. it boosts the immunity and increase the amount of white blood cells in the body of an individual and help cells to fight against the cancerous cells and bacteria. Vitamin D receptors present in the breast can cut the connection between the cancerous cells and tissues and stops growing them. It can also stop the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

heart diseases

Prevent heart diseases and diabetes

People with cardiac problems often have low levels of vitamin D in their body. People with high levels of vitamin D could reduce their chances of developing heart diseases and diabetes. Vitamin D is a type of steroid hormone that influence every cell and tissue of the body to fight against cancer and harmful bacteria. It also promotes healing and repair damage.


Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that improves the ability of cells to fight against diseases like diabetes, breast cancer, blood cancer, and cardiac diseases. It is vital to take sufficient amount of vitamin D in order to stay fit and healthy.

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