C diff diet

Clostridium Difficile is also known as C Diff. It is a bacterium which causes diarrhea and antibiotic associated colitis. It usually develops with regular and excessive usage of antibiotics. The illness can be treated effectively by following C Diff Diet.

C Diff infection must be treated at the earliest because it can lead to inflammation and injury in the walls of colon. Patients might not be able to identify any symptoms of this illness because the symptoms are not prominent.

Human intestines contain huge amount of bacteria. Not all the bacteria are unhealthy for us. However, bacteria produced with over dosage of antibiotics can lead to development of problematic bacteria. C Diff Diet is helpful in preventing the development of these bacteria. The diet allows dieter's condition to improve rapidly.

barleyFoods to Include in C Diff Diet

According to recent research, soluble fiber can prove to be the rescuer for dieters when suffering from C Diff. All the foods rich in soluble fiber should be included in this diet. The main foods to include are barley, apple pulp, citrus fruits, oatmeal, oats, strawberry and oat bran.

When you are suffering from diarrhea, benefiber and banana flakes can prove helpful in quick recovery. It is recommended that C Diff patients must stay hydrated by consuming lots of sports drinks, juices, beverages and broth.

Foods to Exclude in C Diff Diet

Beverages – You are not allowed to drink any carbonated drinks. These drinks contain high sugar and acid content. It can lead to inflamed colon. Drinks containing caffeine must also be avoided.

Alcohol – Reduce the intake of alcohol if you wish to recover quickly. It is advised to quit drinking alcohol till the time all symptoms of C Diff vanish.

Dairy and Fruit – Some fruits are rich in sugar content so avoid consuming them. Most of the dairy foods are acidic so it's best to eliminate them from your diet menu.

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