Busting misconceptions and myths about hair and finding the truth

You love your locks and you can go to any extent for keeping them healthy all the time. You believe every precaution or cure you hear or read about maintaining your hair health and volume. You start following some tips so religiously without even knowing that many of the hair care tips are just misconceptions. If all the previously mentioned things are true in your case, you must read further and find what some mistaken beliefs you have been following for long.

Never pluck a grey hair

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Like many, you also never dare to pluck grey hair on your head. You believe one pluck will add many of them. It is a sheer nonsense because a single hair follicle cannot grow four or five hair, so how plucking one grey hair can add multiple grey hairs on your head. You should avoid hair plucking, a better way is to cut grey hair close to its root, and you will manage to hide them well.

The more you trim the faster they grow

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Your hair ends do not determine how fast or slow your hair growth will be but your hair follicles do. Therefore, if you believe frequent hair trim will make your hair grow fast, you are mistaken. Normal hair growth is approximately quarter inch a month, if everything is normal then your hair will grow this much whether you trim them or not.

Washing hair everyday is good

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This is the biggest and the most stupid hair myth. You can never have healthy hair if you wash them every day. Too much of hair washing leaves your hair dry and frizzy, so do it twice a week. If you feel the need, make it thrice but reject the idea of everyday hair wash.

Brush your hair quite many times a day

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Those of you who believe the more you brush your hair in a day, the smoother and healthier they become are at loss. You should only brush your hair whenever it is required because too much of unnecessary brushing damage hair cuticles.

Frequently change your shampoo and conditioner brand

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Some people believe changing their shampoo and conditioner brand every now and then is a hair healthy routine. Well, it is all rubbish because your hair cannot develop tolerance to numerous brands you force your hair to try. So stick to one, it would be better.

To make your tresses shine and feel smooth, you try out every other antidote you read or hear about. You must not do so and should only follow the ones you are sure about.

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