Blood clotting drug proving fatal to US soldiers!

Drug ‘Factor VII’ that was originally designed to treat patients with rare forms of hemophilia is now also being brought in use to treat wounded soldiers, deployed in Iraq; which some experts believe is giving rise to heart attacks, sometimes even leading to death.

No doubt, a large percentage of doctors are against this trend but it would also not be wrong to say that there is no scarcity of such doctors too who are in favor of using this drug because in serious cases this drug has proved a life-savior. A major number of military doctors believe that drug ‘Factor VII’ is not less than a boon, especially for soldiers who are just on the threshold of death.

Personally, I think that this drug should be brought in use only, just only in severe cases where doctors find no other options. However, one fear strikes my heart repeatedly that doctors may be tempted to use this drug as a panacea. I think if this happens, none can impede this boon from turning into a bane.

Via: newstarget

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