Avoid dental cavities with red wine

Consuming red wine can help fight tooth cavity problem. Is it sounding unusual? Red wine, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, is good for healthy teeth and gums. Hence, consuming specific doses of wine everyday can assure you healthy and white teeth. Grapes have many other beneficial nutrients; hence, regular intake of grapes can ensure your dental health.


A new research has mentioned that oral cavity problems can be fought with consuming fixed doses of red wine every day. Our teeth are the most strongest, as they are surrounded by hundreds of microbial species constantly. Yet they do not shed and can sustain to these extra terrestrial attacks for long time. However, long exposure to these problems will lead to dental plaque and biofilms.

The bacteria causing dental plaque demineralize the tooth surface, thus causing the enamel to wear out and cause tooth decay and loss. This can lead to tooth fall or pain in the tooth. These problems can be treated or controlled with antimicrobial agents; however, they leave behind some side effects such as reduced taste perception and loss of coloration of the gums. Hence, efforts are being taken to search for natural products that can fight this problem of biofilms.


Scientists are researching of some organic options to fight these problems. Medical doses too are available; however, these problems are common in all age groups, it is essential to find organic and natural remedies for the same. Some new organic food and drinks that help control these problems are tea, cranberries, wines and grapes.

Of all the above mentioned, red wine (alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic) can reduce the problem of bacteria and is the most effective in doing so.


Grape seed extracts help in anti-microbial activities and thus is considered a natural ingredient to fight oral problems. Anti-microbial properties of the fruit, prevents the formation of caries and hence regular intake is essential. Moreover, they prevent gum discoloration, thus making them strong.

Another important element found in grapes is resveratrol. It is anti-oxidant in nature and generally found in grapes, berries, chocolates, peanuts, etc. This element helps fight cardiovascular diseases, cancer and prevents ageing and age related problems. All these products are complex in nature; hence, many ingredients found in them can help fight different health disorders.


Wine is essential for healthy and strong teeth. Do not think twice before having that extra glass of the drink!

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