Hookah bars rocking lungs in the name of fashion

Yes, Old is definitely Gold! Something of this kind is on the move in most of the countries of Middle East and even U.S.A because more and more young people are moving to the ancient option of smoking well known as hookah.

According to Dr. Christopher Loffredo who is director of the cancer Genetics and Epidemiology Program at Georgetown, he has seen a great rise in the number of young people using hookah as a mean of smoking.

In the words of Dr. Christopher Loffredo:

We are worried that hookah smokers could become addicted and could either turn to cigarettes or daily use of hookah devices for tobacco.

It is something that gives out the idea that young people have put shoulder to the wheel to revive old fashion. However, they should understand this much of passion to bring out old fashion might tell upon their health.

Via: yahoo

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