Addiction linked to impulsive nature

When it comes to take wise decisions, alcoholics certainly miss something crucial – the capacity to take decisions firmly, as a new study having brain scans on nine sober recovering alcoholics, confirms that frontal cortex – the part of the brain that helps us make wise long-term decisions- works less activity if compared to those who with no history of any such addiction.

As per the findings of this study, majority of alcoholics were found having impulsive nature, which prevents them from taking long-term decisions. And this impulsive nature may certainly leads to wrong decision, which may even give way to drastic effects.

However, the way addiction affects orbital frontal cortex is not very clear yet. Still, study leads Charlotte Boettiger, from the University of North Carolina assumes:

Their brains may not fully process the long-term consequences of their choices.

So, things would be clearer only after further research over this issue. So, let’s wait and watch!



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