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Diabetes is one of the common diseases in today’s world. Diabetes can be a fatal disease if not treated appropriately. ADA Diet is made for the welfare of patients who are suffering from diabetes. Several sites have the information to control this disease but not everyone can easily visit every single site for the particular purpose. This article would facilitate the diabetic patients by providing maximum information.

To avoid the harmful effects of diabetes, it is immensely important for diabetic patient to stick with healthy and nutritious diet plan. Every single member of American Diabetes Association is motivated to include ADA Diet in their daily lives. The basic reason behind formulation of ADA Diet is to provide a guideline for diabetic patients to have healthy diet that contains sufficient amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and other essential nutrients.

Major Food Groups

There are four major food groups on which the ADA Diet focuses upon:

  • Your diet should contain food items such as dried beans, fish, eggs and nuts. These items would give energy and proteins to the diabetic patients.
  • The diet should have green breads, grains and cereals.
  • Essentials like vitamins and proteins should be gained by having veggies and fruits on daily basis.
  • Skim milk, low fat milk and cottage cheese are suggested for enhancing patient’s calcium, minerals and protein intake.

Do’s and Don’ts of ADA Diet

Insufficient amount of carbohydrates in human body indicates the low energy factor.  Having diabetes means that the body is no more capable of producing carbs. For this purpose, the individual should follow this diet strictly as it helps in consuming more carbohydrates. By following this diet, diabetic patient won’t have insufficient amount of essential nutrients in their body.

Doctors always advise the diabetic patients to follow the diet plan which has maximum amount of proteins and carbohydrates as the source of energy for human body. The diabetic patients would be glad to know that ADA Diet mostly focuses on having sufficient amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Appropriate amount of proteins in your diet will help in balancing glucose level which ultimately results in healthy life.

Excess amount of salt in diet plan is not good for the diabetic patient. The diet recommends the patient to use canned or packed food items so that they can be aware of what they are about to eat and in how much quantity.

Reduce the amount of sugar intake in your diet because sugar can be fatal. According to this diet, diabetic patients should not eat the foods that are high in sugar. Avoid sugar coated pastries, cakes, sweets etc. Use the minimum amount of sugar in your tea or coffee.

ADA Diet recommends the diabetic patients to have foods that contain low amount of fats. Usual cooking oil should be replaced by olive oil as it is low in fat and cholesterol. Have lean meat and skim milk to avoid fats in your daily diet plan.

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