Abs diet

Six pack abs is the ideal figure demand of every individual. However, achieving this goal is not that easy. You need to work hard consistently in the workout sessions and eat right foods to support your physical exertion. ABS Diet has been designed to cater the needs of individuals who wish to have 6 pack abs.

ABS Diet

The diet discards the misconception of counting calories. Human body requires calories to perform daily tasks. Starving from calories cannot do any good for the dieter. Here are essential tips to focus on when starting ABS Diet.

–    Eat many small meals during the day. It is better to eat 4 to 6 meals rather than traditional 3 meals. In this way, your body will be provided with the required fuel regularly. Stomach will not get stretched due to which fat will shrink and abs will start appearing.

–    Including proteins in all of your meals is the way to go. Human body needs protein intake to build muscle mass. The protein sources can be fish, roast beef, milk, roast chicken, milk, etc. Every plate of your meal should contain 25% protein.

–    Depending on the natural foods for nutrition must be the main concern. You can snack on vegetables, nuts, fruits and beans for this purpose. These sources provide essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, fiber and potassium.

–    Eating grains is recommended to the dieters when looking to develop six pack abs. Always prefer whole grain over white flour. They are rich sources of energy supply.

–    Don't move yourself into the high calorie zone. You must control the desire of consuming fancy drinks. Drinks other than plain tea, water and plain coffee can lead to high calorie intake. Fruit juices that are rich in natural sugar contain high calories.

Sample ABS Diet Plan

Breakfast – You must have it in 1 hour after waking up.orange juice

  • 1glass of fresh orange juice
  • Three weetabix along half pint of skim milk without sugar on cereal
  • Coffee or tea without sugar and made from skim milk only


  • You may opt for tuna salad sandwich made from 2 slices of brown bread without margarine or butter. Add 1teaspoon half fat mayonnaise. Have 1 banana as snack.


  • Coffee or tea without sugar and made from skim milk
  • Use flavored rice
  • Peas and boiled rice


  • Have vegetable puree. (It is preferred to include homemade vegetable puree)
  • Diet soda without additional sugar


  • You may consume 150g of grilled chicken breast
  • Have large bowl of mixed vegetables
  • Enjoy 1 huge baked potato


  • Non fat yogurt
  • Whole fruit such as orange, pear or apple

With the nutritious, delicious and effective sample diet plan, dieter is able to consume 1,825 calories per day with only 22g of total fat content per day. Remember, the diet is an excellent formula to develop six pack abs but you must ensure proper workout to make the diet more effective.

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