Abc diet

Are you looking for a weight loss diet? If that's the case then you have come to the right place. Finding an effective weight loss diet can be difficult. However, the diet we are about to discuss today has proven effective for numerous individuals around the globe. The diet is called ABC Diet.

ABC diet has been created by two individuals. The first ABC diet is created by Robert Wieder.

ABC Diet

baguettesThe diet demands an individual to restrict his/her selection of foods to few items only. There is a reason behind the name ABC Diet. “A” can be referred to the category from which you can eat asparagus, apples, antelope and abalone. “B” category includes bouillon, baguettes, beluga caviar and bean curd. Lastly, “C” category includes catsup, carrots, celery and chard.

ABC Diet

The second diet is named Ana Boot Camp Diet. The diet has gained immense popularity around the globe due to lots of talk about it on anorexia forums over the internet. ABC Diet works on weight reduction with encouragement of anorexia. The diet works on the principle that anorexia is a lifestyle choice rather than a disease.

The diet provides you a 50 day eating schedule with inclusion of foods that are low in calories such as vegetables and fruits. For most of the days, you are allowed to consume only 0 to 500 calories. You may extend the intake up to 800 calories on few days. You might have to consume only 200 calories on some days. Mostly you are required to keep an intake of 400 to 500 calories. In this way, you are able to have a break from the starvation mode and lose weight.


Don't start this diet without consulting your dietician. While you look forward to lose weight, you might trigger metabolic rate to slow down. If this happens then your body will take longer period of time to burn calories in the long run which will ultimately result in weight gain. Exercise can make ABC Diet an effective one.

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