11 Ways to Clear Your Mind Before Going to Bed to Keep Insomnia at Bay

There are certain ways that can help you get over sleep problems. These insomnia busters range from remembering all the good things from the day to applyingmild pressure at some specific points of your body. Here are the 11 best ways that can help you effectively deal with insomnia.

  • Breathe and Relax

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    Relaxing your muscles before going to bed can be helpful for ensuringa sound sleep. First, you need to lay comfortably on your bed. Then, breathe slowly and try to curl your toes under the feet for a few seconds before releasing. You can repeat the same pattern for relaxing arms, belly, chest, calf muscles, thighs, and hips.

  • Imagine

    Imagination is the strongest tool for keeping insomnia aside. You have all the comfort to escape to your ‘happy place’ while you’re tucked in your cosy bed. You can visualise having your favorite meal orcruising on an exorbitant yacht with someone special.

  • Leave Blue Light aside at least 1 hour before going to bed

    Blue light from your smartphone, laptop, tablets, and other electronic gadgets disrupts your natural sleep cycle. It also suppresses the production of Melatonin. Hence, leave all your Blue Lightdevices while going to bed.

  • Make and Follow a pre-sleep routine

    You can create and follow a pre-sleep routine. This helps your mind to distinguish the difference between day and night. You can develop the habit of reading a book, enjoying a shower or something else before going to bed.

  • Mental exercises

    Mental exercises are one of the best way to stiryour thoughts and relax. Mental exercises range from thinking about vegetables and fruits with a specific color, or cataloguing animals whose name start from a specific alphabet.

  • Pressure Points


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    Some certain pressure points on your body might help you get a good sleep when pressed in a gentle manner. You can gently pressurize the point between your eyebrows using your thumb or fingers for about 20 seconds. Also, applying slight pressure on the point between your biggest toe and the second toe can also be helpful.

  • Recall the day

    Recollecting all the good things that happened to you during the day is aneffective way to prepare your body as well as mind for a good night’s sleep. Don’t rush into things, just thinkabout them as they come to you.

  • Relaxation exercises are helpful

    There are a number of relaxation exercises that are really helpful for getting a better sleep. Most common examples are muscle relaxing and deep breathing.

  • Set up your sleep den

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    The look of your bedroom might also play a major role in your sleep. There are better chances of getting a good night’s sleep if your bedroom is a sleep den rather than being a cluttered space.

  • Sync with the Melatonin Wave

    Melatonin is the chemical responsible for your sleep. It has its own release cycle over the course of 24 hours. Minimum levels are released during the daytime, eventually rising, and peaking at about 2am.Syncing with the Melatonin wave is easy, all you need is to be aware of the usual drowsiness and relaxation feel that starts to come by the end of the evening. You need to maintain this awareness till you get to bed.

  • Think reasons for your anxiety and poor sleep

    Thinking is a better way to prepare your mind and body for a sound sleep and at the same time, effective for finding and eliminating causes for poor sleep and anxiety. You can rethink you schedule and then pinpoint things that are affecting your sleep and giving your anxiety. 

Mild insomnia can easily be dealt with normal exercises like relaxing and visualizing before going to sleep. Following a pre-sleep schedule can also be effective.

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