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Windows 10: A step back by microsoft to take a giant leap ahead

After some disappointing features of Windows 8, Microsoft has now come up with its newest version of operating system, Windows 10. While reviewing the new version, it seems that the company has attempted to take a corrective action to save users from Windows 8. Let us check in detail what Windows 10 is all about and whether it offers the users what they expect.



While you may find the retention of several Windows 7 and 8 features in Windows 10, it has actually improved on some usability aspects. One of these is the introduction of Cortana, the virtual assistant that helps you search your computer for options, apps and several other interesting things.

This extension of the Start menu can take your voice commands. Being cloud-powered, it can also be downloaded on Android. It is of great use, as you may conduct virtual assistant, web and local searches with a single tool.

Windows 10 further has amazing multitasking features and also supports with the Start menu. However, it disappoints you with its new Edge browser, which is boring and messy to make your tasks even more complex to do. On the other hand, being able to draw over webpages is a great help during several tasks.

Now, you can also stream your Xbox games easily with the new Xbox app in Windows 10. The addition of game DVR further makes the app quite usable and attractive. Windows 10 also enhances its usefulness slightly on its touch-based Office apps and with its new Windows Store. Thus, there is only to gain something fresh from this new version of Windows OS.

Value for money

As Windows 10 brings forth the best features of Windows 7 and 8 to you, it is worth upgrading even at a price of around $120. Some eligible users may also get lucky to be receiving free upgrades.


When we talk about the features and looks of Windows 10, it is surprisingly delightful to see that the Start menu from Windows 7 is back on its way.However, the new system is a complete redesign. Still, it retains the live tiles that were introduced in Windows 8. While some users may not like it, these tiles actually let your screen breathe with some more space now. These are organized along with the customizable Start menu where you can also pin your apps.

Talking about the theme of Windows 10, it may be quite dark for some users with a black theme. However, users may make changes in accent colors and add transparency effects to gain a lighter and brighter look. Another new feature of Windows 10 is the Task View, which shows all your open windows together on the screen. Along with such features, Windows 10 gives you helpful apps like Mail and Calendar. There is also some polishing done on the existing apps, but you will not find something strikingly different in terms of the appearance of Windows 10.


Windows 10 has improved a lot on this factor and also made its interface simpler. It offers effective and easy navigation. You can also receive app notifications in an efficient way. A new Action Center has been introduced for it. Multitasking with Windows 10 has also gone much smoother. You can drag a window to one-half of the screen and the rest of the apps are displayed nicely in the other half with the Snap feature.It can also be done wonderfully on a touchscreen with Snap and Task View features.

Windows 10 performance is also enhanced with its wonderful option for users to create virtual desktops with varied apps. Many users would welcome this introduction. While Windows 10 comes with a clunky Edge browser, it also performs smoothly and is good at loading speeds.

Ease of use

Windows 10 is a relief in terms of its ease of use. With the comeback of the Start menu, it is now quicker for you to change settings and do the system shutdown or restart. Jumping to your favorite apps is also easier with their nice listing.There are several new apps added to Windows 10 that makes it faster, interesting and easier to use it. All apps work well without any lag and you will hardly find a feature that troubles you through your work.


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