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Wearable tech shows its elegance in the Emioty Belty

Emiota, a French firm, has recently come up with the design of a belt-shaped wearable. Due to its style, it has been named as Emioty Belty. This smart belt has been designed to keep a watch on the wearer’s weight and alert the user when he/she is gaining or losing weight. Designers Carine Coulm and Bertrand Dupla provide more details on its other functions and benefits. Read on to know more about the upcoming entry that may be seen in the wearables market by the end of this year.



Emioty Belty is designed with the idea to help people lose weight by keeping a watch on their waistline. This smart belt adjusts on its own when the wearer’s waistline expands and shrinks while sitting and standing up. While it accommodates those extra inches, its idea is to put users to shame by alerting them abouttheir expanding waistline and increasing weight. However, many users may find it similar to the idea of a regular belt with holes that does the same.

With tummy chains and belts, you can assess your increasing or decreasing waistline when the belt gets tighter or loose and does not fit the same hole. Thus, spending on a smart belt may not look wiser to people who are not seeking a precise assessment of their weight or an automatic motivator in the form of a connected weight-tracking app. It seems this smart belt may receive a limited audience that needs a push to stand up and go for a walk.

Value for money

Since the product is still under development, its price is not available as yet. However, its limited application may not attract a huge number ofcrazy fans. The smart belt does not seem to offer anything extraordinary. Thus, it appears that users may not find a very high value for their money with the purchase of Emioty Belty. The real value will come to surface when this gadget hits the market.


This belt is designed to have two models. While one is in plastic, the other is metallic.Although it is a smart belt, it will give you the appearance of a regular belt. You will not feel awkward while wearing it. Its looks are quite stylish and innovative. With a dotted design and metal buckle, this leather belt can nicely match with most of your trousers and jeans. You can also change the app settings to select your belt’s minimum and maximum fittings so it does not go too loose or tight.



Emioty Belty is designed to track your waistline through the use of its sensors. The entire belt is equipped with multiple sensors that assess the tension on the belt when its wearer sits or stands up. The smart belt does this job quite effectively and precisely. You can synchronize this belt with a companion app wirelessly.

Using the gyroscope and accelerometer installed in the belt, the app can get you quick results on your steps taken, exercise levels, and waistline measurements. The app is efficient in giving you alerts on your sitting for too long or putting on weight. It can definitely make you move from your place. Therefore, the overall performance of this gadget seems decent and satisfactory.

Ease of use

It is simple to wear this smart belt on your waist. There is a buckle that is easy to connect and disconnect because of the magnetic connection points. With its built-in charger, it is easy to charge your belt anytime you want.Its charging cable is concealed. Thus, it does not spoil the looks of this belt. It is a lightweight gadget that can be worn throughout the day.

Emioty Beltyis such a tech wearable that is cool in its design but limited in its functionality. Many users may also find it purposeless, depending on their requirements for a weight-tracking belt. While it performs well, it is like an extra fashion accessory to store with you.


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