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BabyBump Pregnancy app helps you track the glorious journey of pregnancy

With the development of specialized apps, it has now become easier to track pregnancy. If you are also expecting and want to make things simpler for you, then you must check out this new app from Alt12 Apps. It is called BabyBump Pregnancy, which helps you keep a watch on your body on a week-by-week basis. Read on to get into more details about this amazingly helpful app.



BabyBump Pregnancy can assist you during the special time of pregnancy when you want to monitor the changes taking place within your body. This app not only keeps you informed of the critical body sizes, but also tells you a lot regarding the way your baby has been developing.

It is not simply a pregnancy tracker, but is also a nice informational resource for all soon-to-be parents.You can learn almost anything about the experiences you have been having during your pregnancy time. In case you want to know about certain cravings and symptoms, you can easily check that on this app.

It also keeps a track of your daily moods, as well as alterations in weight and waist measurements. Thus, you may know about your weight gain and BMI changes over each week. The app is additionally useful to learn about your contractions and labor stages.This app has the Contraction Tracker feature, which lets you record your detailed experience about going into labor. The app further helps you share such details with your friends and family on the big day.

Value for money

By just paying $4 for the pro version, you can start making use of the BabyBump Pregnancy app without any ads. Considering its effectiveness and benefits, there is no point looking for another similar app. This app can give you great value for your money, even if you are using the free basic version of it.


The BabyBump Pregnancy app has a classic and simple appearance. All its features are nicely organized and can be quickly accessed. The interface is clear and friendly for users. The app also uses soothing colors that keep your relaxed. There are several useful features in the app that can be utilized per your individualized needs. For instance, you can create a slideshow of your pictures of baby bump and share it with your friends if you want to do so. Similarly, you can use its Kick Counter to count the kicks and enjoy your experience.



The app runs smoothly on Apple and Android devices, and it also makes your life smoother during pregnancy months. Now, you do not need to read a baby book or pregnancy guide. You can simply track everything quite effectively on this app. BabyBump Pregnancy provides very accurate information to you.Since the app can be synchronized with your Twitter, Facebook and email accounts, you can share several details about your experiences swiftly. It is a high-performance app that can also connect you to several online pregnancy groups.

Ease of use

BabyBump Pregnancy is a super easy app to use. You can quickly customize your details in this app and treat it like your pregnancy journal. If you are expecting, then it is very simple to create your own countdown screen on this app by entering details about your last menstrual period or due date.

The app will instantly display your ongoing trimester, along with the remaining days and weeks to childbirth. As the time passes, you can also receive pictures of your baby bump and details about the size/weight of your growing baby.As the app includes the BabyBump Shop, it also becomes simpler to shop for some cool baby products. Thus, it is an amazing solution to all your pregnancy tracking needs.

BabyBump Pregnancy is a must-have app for all expecting parents who want to make their experience more enjoyable and perfect during the pregnancy stage. It is a high-quality app that works wonderfully in tracking several essential parameters during pregnancy.


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