Are you tired of wearing those heavy and chunky gadgets on your wrist? Here is something that can amaze you with its sleek body and accurate motion tracking abilities. It is a wearable activity or fitness tracker called Moov Now, which has been launched recently by Moov. Let us check out what this sleek and smart gadget brings forth to you.


Moov has gained instant popularity after its launch not just because of its looks, but also because of its capability to do more than counting your steps. When you do some movement, this gadget tracks your motion in three dimensions.

It can track multiple sports activities for you using a single app. Moov gives you valuable coaching about your tracked movements and the precise way you can correct them. Thus, it is quite useful as far as real-time fitness tracking and coaching on multiple aspects and workouts is concerned.

Value for money

At $99, this device may look appealing to those who actually want to track and receive coaching in real time on various types of activities and movements. However, those looking for a traditional sort of step, calorie or distance tracker may not want to spend much on this gadget.


The design of this gadget is simple and classic. While there is nothing complex in its design, it actually appeals through its sleek looks. This lightweight activity tracker is good to be worn on your wrist or ankle while running, cardio boxing, swimming or cycling. However, it may seem small in size to some users. Its rim has a lit ring and a little lit dot on top.

The entire band is perforated so users may not feel sweaty while wearing it. Still, the design may not be very attractive to many people. On the other hand, it may look stylish to many with varied color choices available. It is available in blue, white, black and red colors. However, you may only get black as the color of the wristband.


Moov Now is a nice performance gadget that can give you precisely tracked records. It works beautifully with several personal trainer apps.Its app runs nicely on both iOS and Android platforms.

Apart from this, Moov comes equipped with an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope with the help of which you can easily track 3D motion. Through its precise recordings of motion, Moov can actually help athletes to judge their timings in a better way and to avoid sports injuries. The gadget has replaceable coin cell batteries that can last up to half a year with normal usage. It is quite decent as far as the battery life is concerned.

Ease of use

While you may wear Moov on your wrist, ankle or arm, it may be more comfortable to wear it on your wrist. The gadget feels soft on wearing, as it is made of flexible silicone. On the other hand, it gives you coaching through an app and headphones. It may be slightly problematic at times to keep wearing headphones all the time during an activity. Further, it is not possible to track your steps using this device, though you may check your active time and the level of activity.

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