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Hello Heart App brings on easier and flexible heart rate monitoring

In a rushed lifestyle, it is very important to keep a check on one’s physical and mental health, and especially take care of the heart that takes all the stress. It is not simply about maintaining your blood pressure to stay fit, but is also about reducing excess fat and work on the overall heart health improvement.

Here is a new app in the market that can now help you do all this without even visiting your doctor if you are otherwise healthy. This app is called Hello Heart, which measures your heart health of varied factors and keeps you aware.


If you want to monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart rate on a regular basis on your own, then using the Hello Heart app is a good way to do so. Although you can do it with different monitoring devices, the app is a single platform where you can connect all your heart heath data to gain personalized explanations and recommendations. When there are any changes in your condition, this app canalert you on the same.

It can also alert you on medications. Thus, you can add all your test results on multiple factors on this single app, and it makes your life simpler. The Hello Heart app is also great for clinics that can simply connect with it to view all their patient data and history. The app is quite reliable, as its medical explanations are based on the American Heart Association and similar credible healthcare sources. However, its use is still limited to countries like America and Israel.

Value for money

Considering the vast amount of health information and tracking done by this app, it is completely worthy of being present on your smartphone, and especially when it is freely available on iTunes.


The app looks simple and friendly with an intuitive user interface. There are several options through which you may add or import your test results from personal monitoring devices or from your smartphone. Even if you want to do it manually, you only need to tap on a red button on its Home page to do so. Hello Heart displays all your data and weekly reports in an organized manner.

You can also check previous records and recommendations conveniently on it. There are charts to show you the daily and weekly averages too. While you may customize the view settings, it is not possible to share or export your BP data.


The Hello Heart app performs nicely if you use it on the iOS platform.On the other hand, you can also easily use it on Apple Watch and Android phones. It connects with clinics quite effectively. The data storage and safety is also very effectively done, as it offers bank-level security and encryption.

Even if you lose your phone, your data may not be accessed by others. You will be able to access it on your new device. Hello Heart performs wonderfully when it comes to giving you reminders for BP and other measurements based on a superb data interpretation. Still, it is not recommended for patients to depend fully on it.

Ease of use

The setup of this app on your smartphone is pretty easy. You only need to feed your medical history and link it to HealthKit. Once you do so, it becomes far easier to use this app through your iPhone’s Touch ID. However, you may use it by logging in with a password. The app simply pulls data from HealthKit and you will not even need to enter it manually, though the option is available. Connectivity of this app with a clinic’s health records is also very quick. Overall, the app is super easy to set up and use.

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