USB Audio Recorder To Bring First Audio Recorder Supporting Android

Audio professionals questing for USB audio recorder attuned with Android will be happy to know that one of them has arrived in “Google Play Store”. Few days back, exTream has come up with software that allows recording of folks and playback of audios on USB without any effort. Written from ground up, this “USB Audio Recorder Pro” incorporates some of the best features such as custom codes for adding all the functionalities needed for Google’s operating system for mobiles. Moreover, it is something that iOS users must have benefitted from. This software makes use of USB-host functionality available in most of the devices launched today for transmitting high-quality audios if users were linked to windows and Mac machine.

Direct connection tangential such as Blue series of Yeti works as complex setups from likes of Behringer and M-AUDIO to name a few. Users can also hunt for complete array of recognized compatibility to make out equipments used for recording audio session when you are on the way. Good thing is that recordings can be saved in standard .wave format that makes it easy for users to transfer them to desktop. Other than desktop, you can transfer these recording to other applications of phones as well. exTream avails users with multi-track sequencing application to mix different tracks when you are travelling.

USB Audio Recording Finally Possible On Android

It feels quite overwhelming when you see USB recorder working with Google to have a functionality included into Android core. In addition to this, it performs well with OEMs for including it as custom skins or codes they probably use for Android. There is no doubt that USB recorder has evolved as a great marketing tool for OEM, though exTream has not confirmed plans for anything belonging to this array. It is always worthy to have technology approved to developers to experience boom in audio recording application in play store. However, this is a bit long way considering the present scenario. Most of the users are looking forward to upcoming plans of exTream lined up with USB recording for phones operating on Android platform.

DAC on Google Play Store

With the availability of “USN Audio Recording” on “Google Play Store”, there is an extreme burst through for users willing to have external DAC compatible with most of the android devices. To be more precise, developers intended to have recording app, but the market for improved playback is comparatively large. Just by paying a small price of $4, you can avail this app in “Google Play Store” and head over it to download if you really find this app useful.


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