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Denon AVR-1912: The best home audio receiver of 2011

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One of the best audio receivers to hit the market is the Denon AVR-1912. This mean machine features six HDMI inputs and also has an in-built AirPlay support for the iOS from Apple which drives products like the iPhone, iTouch and the iPad. Thrashing its competitors completely, the AVR-1912 delivers excellent sound quality and multiple expanding options with its I/O ports. Touted as the market champion even for the remainder of the year, this product rings salvation for anyone who’s looking for outstanding sound quality with a reasonable price tag. The device offers streaming options for various media and incorporates support for Rhapsody and Pandora. Packaged with DLNA for increased network compatibility, it beats the Pioneer VSX-1021-K by a close margin.

Let’s break the device down to finer details:

Body and looks:

Most of the receivers available in the market look similar to each other with minimal difference (if any). The same jogpad/sound control mechanisms and the overcrowded buttons. But the Denon AVR-1912 scores a mile on the looks department. Avoiding the glossy finish of the Pioneer device, this receiver has a fine matte finish and circular edges which give it a new-age feel. Looking much better and classy than the Onkyo TX-NR609, the Denon AVR-1912 is a full size mega receiver with the following specs: Height: 6 inches, Width: 17 inches and Depth: 15 inches.

Remote control and applications:

The control device provided with this product is much similar to its predecessor, the Denon AVR-1911. The buttons on the remote control are neatly organized for ease of operation and are color co-ordinated to enhance functionality. The numberpad is kept at the bottom to make the design more subtle. It might take one a while to get used to such designs, but it nevertheless serves its purpose effectively. Investing a universal remote control would not be a bad option though.

User interface:

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The Graphical User Interface on the Denon AVR-1912 is attractive and neatly organized. It incorporates a basic display, but goes a step further on aesthetics as compared to the last release from Denon. The menus are organized in an obvious fashion, but the navigation might get a bit confusing in the beginning. The only issue with the UI is that the Denon AVR-1912 uses Standard Definition for output with a resolution of 480i. So unless your HDTV’s Standard Definition Processing is above average, there might be minor issues with the display.


The Denon AVR-1912 is shipped with a built-in AirPlay functionality and it lives up to all the hooplah around. After getting the AVR-1912 synced with the network at your home or office, streaming music from any Apple device is a cakewalk. Simply select a song, click on the AirPlay icon and select the streaming device. When the AVR is connected to a television, the album art work and other details related to the media are displayed on it. Also, in addition to the control buttons on the receiver, the apple device can also be used to control volume, playback etc. Thus, the apple device acts as a remote control and nearly clears out the necessity of owning a dedicated controller for the AVR. In addition to streaming music from the synced music on the apple device, the AVR-1912 can also be used to stream music from services like Napster and Rhapsody.

Pros and cons:

The device may lack on the attractive GUI front if your HDTV has average standard definition processing. The device does not have the wifi-dongle, thus absence of Ethernet might involve some tweaks in the network around the device.

AirPlay is the new rage in the market. This technology is Apple’s brainchild which can be used to stream wireless music from anywhere using Apple’s devices and aims at getting rid of wires forever. Thus, it eases the work environment around it and makes it easier for users to connect to it.

Thus, looking at the above features, the device sure does pack a punch and is a must buy for anyone looking for an updated and resourceful Audio Receiver.

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