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How small business websites can get more business

Small businesses generally don’t survive on the kind of social media practices that other large businesses follow. They do not need fans but real sales and business. So, how could they get more clients? Here are some of the practices that have worked wonders for various small businesses and can work for you too if you hold such a business.

3818973448_f59b4c99941. Display your personality by adding videos to your website. These make your work look more credible and people get to know you before they meet you for real business. You can think of creating some instructional videos that actually show the kind of DIY (do-it-yourself) stuff people can learn about. That way, they would be able to learn about your skills and would also build trust to call you for their complex tasks. Similarly, you may also go for promotional testimonial videos that show the real-time interviews of your happy customers.

2. Get your business promoted by providing your basic contact details almost everywhere online on your digital properties. For example, you may place your e-mail and phone numbers on the pages you write on. This makes it easy for customers to contact you.

3. When people reach you through searches, they usually land up on your website’s home page. It is true about your regular clients too. Therefore, it’s important to design a selling home page that works the best for site visitors. You may use a static page for the home page or a WP-Sticky plugin.

4. It’s not important to just keep posting online. The need is to post the high quality content even though you publish less often.


5. Make the navigation easy on your website. Place the click options at predictable positions on the pages. Also, use words that people are accustomed to check for particular purposes. For example, add a ‘Contact Us’ button as people straightaway search for these words on a website if they want to call or e-mail.

6. Try linking yourself with other businesses that are operating effectively, and promote other small businesses too. It’s like linking to community pillars that would make people think of you too as a pillar!

7. Include calls-to-action on your business website, as customers sometimes need to be invited to buy products even if they know they have to.

Establish your credibility by remaining in touch with the clients. You might not need much content to sell your products, but need a credible image while you work with customers so they turn to you repeatedly.


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