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The new MS Office 2016 is built for collaboration

Microsoft has recently introduced its MS Office 2016 suite of applications that focuses on information aggregation and content creation in a smoother manner. However, many initial failures to run its trial software on Mac have been telling a different story. Let us see how this fresh Office suit may meet the needs of customers on varied parameters.


With some new apps added to the MS Office 2016 suite, you may expect it to let you work far better in a collaborative workspace. While the Sway app can help you in light content development, Delve acts as an effective enterprise information aggregator. With collaboration in the cloud, Office 2016 makes it easier for you to share your documents online. It especially makes editing or co-authoring in Word by multiple people more convenient. Office 2016 also benefits through its new tools for email organization and version history display in Outlook.

Value for money

While Office 2016 Home & Student can be purchased for $149, Office Home & Business is available for $229. If you also purchase Office 365 service, it would cost you an additional $7-10 a month, depending on your plan. While it may not be very advisable to upgrade immediately, you can safely go for this spend as a new user of Office suite.


While the appearance of Excel in the new suite has not changed significantly, it gets slightly better with a new search feature in the form of the Tell Me button that is also provided in Word and PowerPoint.

This search box lets you find help through its suggestions and instant direction to the required commands. Excel has also become supportive for certain types of results predictions. Further, it adds a few more types of charts, graphs, and templates. To talk about Word 2016, it is also given newer contexts that lead to richer content creation.

Word shows a few extra options when you right-click a word or phrase and do searches using Smart Lookup. However, there is good scope for making these features more functional and helpful.


The new software can give you better performance when you use it on a Windows PC and avail its subscription service, Office 365, which lets you receive all sorts of updates regularly.Its compatibility with Mac has shown some serious glitches.

On the other hand, performance has definitely taken a step further with the sharing option that lets you handle your documents on any compatible device from anywhere. Still, you may not find any significant improvement in your favorite apps when we talk of their contribution to enhance your productivity.

Ease of use

The new suite from Microsoft has almost nothing that makes it unfamiliar or uncomfortable for you to use it. In fact, the fresh additions make it easier and simpler for existing users.


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