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The expanding vistas of wearable tech find the land of sex and intimacy

As established by legendry psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud, libido is the strongest emotionally driven source of motivation for human kind. In a quest to exploit pleasure of physical intimacy, we have utilized almost every medium, script, symbols, chemistry, biology, and psychology, but still this thirst for an incredible sensual experience appears to be endless.

Presently, technology is the biggest achievement of collective human conscious; hence, it’s inevitable to stop us from using it to satisfy our quest for enhanced and intensified erotic behavior and sexual life.

Future of sex with technology

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Even at the advent of basic cellphones, sexting trended, which was furthered by multimedia smartphones. On the top of it, Internet fueled the curiosity of human kind to find out the unending possibilities to harness the pleasure of intimacy as much as it can be.

In 2015, we actually have the best of until now – the wearable tech aimed at patching the gap created by distance between two physical bodies. A survey conducted on 1,007 US subjects by US Millennials claims that one in four people expressed willingness to use wearable technology during sex. While, in case of dating and mating, 12 percent of men and nine percent of females are willing to use wearable technology only if it could present them smarter and more attractive to the opposite sex.

The survey also revealed that nine percent of respondents were ready to wear Google Glasses on their first date. The age group that showed inclination and acceptance towards incorporating technology in their romantic relationships mostly included those born between 1977 and 1995.

Similarly, a survey by the Center for Generatinal Kinetics claims that 25 percent of people in the same age group are willing to use wearable technology while making love.

Erasing limitation of distance


We can’t have sex until we are in the same bed; Right? While this limitation of physical presence sounds convincingly natural in accordance with laws of nature; however, humanity is, as usual, trying to defy it. Wearable tech in collaboration with sex toys and Internet is making a huge noise in the market. We are heading towards long distance virtual intimacy experience.

For example, Florida-based Frixion manages a huge social network that controls sex toys from different manufactures. The software delivers a sort-of-augmented-reality experience via the Internet. A number of technological advances like sensors, machine feedback, pressure sensors, ripple attachments, clench, vibration motors, etc., linked to sex toys support simulation generation and transfer it between two partners sitting thousands of miles away. That means when you thrust, your partner can feel being penetrated including almost every physical move.

Another well-suited example is of Durex, who has unveiled a vibrating underwear that you can control with you iPhone. Aptly named Fundawear, the wearable comes equipped with touch sensors capable of transferring physical messages using a compatible app to the receiver sitting on the other end.

Top wearable devices to own for personal experience

A number of wearable devices are available like True Love Tester – a bra that detects heart rate and pops open when the wearer is aroused enough. However, following products qualify for the list of the top wearables worth buying right now.

JimmyJane’s Hello Touch X

For $145, this wearable tech gets something different than an app-controlled gimmick and boring vibrators, and replaces them with mainstream electro-stimulation techniques. Basically, it’s a finger-worn stimulator connected to vibrator that responds directly to sensation on fingers. It’s five times stronger than the common vibrators and the electro-stimulation comes with ten intensity level settings and six pulsation modes.

Google Glass with Glance app

Google Glass with Glance app

It’s a very apparent advantage if both partners could see the physical experience through each other’s perspective. In a way, it’s like watching yourself while making love. It sounds funny if we imagine two partners thrusting against each other with their glasses on, but it can provide valuable feedback for making improvisations and manipulations for an enhanced experience of intimacy.

OhMiBod blueMotion

OhMiBod blueMotion

blueMotion massager from OhMiBod controls vibrations for singles or for nearby users. Couples equipped with a full line of high-tech OhMibod sex toys can translate beats and rhythms of selected music into vibrations. The smartphone, Android and iOS, works as a remote for each partner and they can use it to send simulations any time, provided both of them are wearing it. Even when they are in public places or in a crowded conference hall, no one knows about it, but only the partner.


In a nutshell, wearable technology is going to change the way we make love or get intimate in coming years, regardless of distance between physical bodies.

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