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StickyBrain makes note management easier, but lacks in mobile sync

After a gap of around 10 years, Chronos has again come up with its virtual Post-It notes. Now, you can use a modern version of such notes called StickyBrain on Mac. Let us check out whether this product would be helpful and effective in a mobile-first world.


StickyBrain is a nice tool to use when you want to manage your day-to-day notes or reminders on Mac. It comes with some useful features, such as allowing you to attach your apps to your notes as reminders. It also offers you hierarchical folders, as well as subfolders. Thus, it keeps your notes quite organized.

Further, there are beneficial options for the export and import of notes, along with their printing. However, you will find it all in vain when you come to know that this tool does not provide mobile or cloud synchronization. While you can access your notes on a single click, you cannot stick these to the desktop. In this modern age, StickyBraingives slightly outdatedfeel.

Value for money

StickyBrain costs $30 for a single user and $50 for a family pack. Considering its fewer benefits in the mobile world, the tool seems expensive for what all it offers.


Available with a fancy color scheme, StickyBrain appeals through its background options that make the notes attractive. You can set your notes in white too or can choose out of 10 background colors that help in information structuring.

However, you may not be able to add your own colors to the existing palette. Further, this tool has three panels. You can find notes in the center. Its viewer is on the rightwhile the left side displays different folders and views like All, Trash and Unfiled.



As StickyBrain is based on the Swift programming language from Apple, it has been created as a quick and lean tool for managing your notes. In fact, you can even store scraps in the form of images, screenshots, and imported text files from several common programs. While you import a Word, HTML, RTF or TextEdit file, this tool does not disturb the basic format of your information.On the other hand,StickyBrain only allows you to view or edit your notes within the open application.

Ease of use

Finding the required information through StickyBrain is easy and fast. It is also convenient to organize a variety of information, as the tool gives you folders for it. Still, there is a lot of scope for improvement in this tool because the functionality is limited as compared to its competitive tools available in the market.


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