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Samsung Gear Live is heating up the smartwatch battle

For people looking for a smart Android Wear, here is an option with the Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. The smartwatch offers several useful and powerful features, and the best thing is that you can get it to work and multitask with your smartphone or tablet. Check out here the rest about this smart wearable for Android phone users.



Samsung Gear Live is not just useful for receiving your phone app notifications on your wrist, but also for checking other personal information, such as your messages and flight status. All your Google Now, Google Voice, Google Maps and Navigation notifications can be received on this smartwatch. Along with sending emails and text messages, you can also use this gadget to reply via voice and to check/decline your calls.

In addition, you can play games on it and definitely learn the weather status, news and time. In fact, the smartwatch is also useful for tracking your fitness steps and monitoring your heart rate. This can be effective for you to maintain your general health. While the heart rate monitor works well, do not expect its pedometer to be very precise.

Value for money

The smartwatch comes with a price tag of around $200, which seems slightly expensive for what it offers. There is a need to improve on the quality and performance fronts if this purchase has to be justified for its value for money.


While this smartwatch looks cool and moderately stylish, do not expect an extraordinary design in it. There is a small black bezel surrounding the screen and the foundation is made of silver metal. The device has a silicone plastic strap that can be well adjusted to fit any wrist size. Samsung Gear Live gives you a side power button that does not interfere in your regular functioning, but is actually not required for illuminating the screen. The display can wake up only on a screen tap.

If you want to put the smartwatch in an always-on but dimmed mode, then it can also be done by simple palming. Further, the device has a simple user interface, which is decently functional. The smartwatch is made dust- and water-resistant. It has a sleek look and neutral colors that make it seem classic. Thus, you can wear it with any dress and it would not look odd. The overall appearance of the smartwatch does not disappoint at all.



Powered by Android Wear, this smartwatch is highly compatible with Android devices running on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or later. The gadget offers good connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0, and also has a gyro, accelerometer, and compass. Its 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display is sharp, bright and effective at all times. You will not face any major problem even while checking stuff under daylight, as the colors are vibrant.

The device offers 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. It runs on a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, which makes it smoother to operate the device. The smartwatch runs on a 300mAh battery, which can last for an entire day. However, heavy use may cause the battery to drain earlier too. Thus, we cannot say that the battery life is very promising in Samsung Gear Live.

Ease of use

Samsung Gear Live is easy on your wrist and you will feel comfortable even while wearing it for an entire day. It is not a bulky gadget and you should not worry about spilling water on it. While the watch is simple to use, its plastic-made charging cradle does not seem very durable or trustworthy. Thus, you may find it problematic if it does not last too long.

Samsung Gear Live is a decent smartwatch that is packed with all regular benefits of an Android Wear device. However, at its current price, it disappoints with its low battery life and some missing features.


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