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Runtastic Orbit wearable pairs with apps for an excellent fitness check

Runtastic Orbit wearable pairs with apps for an excellent fitness check

Are you finding it difficult to keep a tab on your health and fitness goals? If yes, then you should give a try to this recently launched fitness tracking wearable called Runtastic Orbit. Read on to now about its usefulness in your life, as well as its performance on several fronts.


Runtastic Orbit is useful for fitness enthusiasts who need to keep a watch on basic health factors in order to stay fit and maintained. This wearable may not only let you check your calorie expenditure, but may also make you aware of the number of steps you take daily or the distance your run. This device can work 24×7 for you. It additionally supports you by tracking your sleep and happy moments.

Its tracking of your happy moments can really make a positive change in your life, as you will strive toward achieving more of similar moments. Further, you can set your fitness goals on this gadget. It keeps you alerted on your goals through a vibration alert.

The wearable is also helpful for checking time and setting alarms.However, not all types of users will be appealed by its range of benefits. There are many people who require heart rate monitors in their trackers now days. Such needs cannot be fulfilled by Runtastic Orbit.

Value for money

At $90, this fitness tracker may not give you that value, which some competing brands and their fitness trackers can provide with better features and performance.


Runtastic Orbit has a simple yet attractive design. You can wear it either using a belt clip or in a wristband. The wristband comes in a choice of blue and black. It can be worn on your belt, wrist, shirt collar and trouser pocket for tracking purposes. The gadget has an OLED display and comes integrated with an ambient light sensor to track your sleep.

There is also a small button that can activate varied displays. On the back of this gadget, you can see its charging point where a magnetic charging cable can be attached. There is a silver-colored button on the front to track your happy moments. Overall, Runtastic Orbit is a sleek and interesting gadget.


The tracker is nicely compatible with all your Android and iOS devices.You can pair it up with your device via Bluetooth. It runs on Bluetooth Smart Technology. However, the device has some glitches when it comes to its performance in comparison to some similar fitness trackers available in the market.

Still, it tracks fitness and displays the data decently when it is used along with its paired app called Runtastic Me. There are some other free and premium apps that work well with this device.

Ease of use

Runtastic Orbit is quite easy to set up and use. It is majorly helpful when you want to wear it during swimming, as it is water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters or 300 feet. With this device, it is very simple to track your swims. On the other hand, the magnetic charging cable for this wearable is not very effective. It can easily fall off if it is outside your belt clip or wristband.

Otherwise, Runtastic Orbit is quite easy on your wrist or belt. It is soft, lightweight, and comfortable.Further, it is easy to monitor your progress on this gadget, as there is a nice indicator bar on your displayand helpful remindersalso keep appearing. You can check almost all the stuff on a simple tap.

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