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Review: Sony MDR-NC200D noise-cancelling headphones

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The Sony MDR NC-200D is an incredible headphone launched by Sony which can provide all the comfort of listening to music throughout the day. You must know the noise studded city life and its bad effect on health so it is basically a need nowadays to have a protection against these unwanted sounds.

The traffic problems generate immense noise throughout the day and a headphone with noise preventing capabilities is a great boon. Yes, that’s what Sony realized and so they launched the revolutionary NDR NC 200D series of headphones.

What is it?

It is basically a noise cancelling headphone which protects your ear against all the odds of the day. There are many such persons who prefer to wear a headphone just to be away from this honking world. It is not only a noise prevention method but along with it comes the sophisticated sound equalizing capabilities which makes each song like a charming stream of tuned notes entering into your ear. The hardware of this device has tuning options in the head wear of the gadget to enhance the controlling capabilities. It can curtail up to 98 percent of ambient noise for more than 20 hours. Is it not awesome, especially when the stylish body of the headphone is impeccable with curvy head wears. The cushioned headphone has all the combinations of software management to enhance the music softness capability, where even a metal rock song seems like a sweet child playing in your ear! The contour of the headphone is so attractive that Sony decided to focus all its marketing strategies centering this version of the gadget. So, be it performance, software or hardware the MDR NC 200D is simply awesome.

Key features

1. The yokes can swerve to almost flat to 90 degrees of angle which is a very crucial aspect of a headphone because it may happen that you turn and twist while using the gadget.

2. It can even fold both inside or outside with a slight turn and enhances the performance of the gadget.

3. The metal support of the head gear is also an attractive feature of the headphone.

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4. The lightness of the headphone makes you feel comfortable but at the same time it is pretty sturdy.

5. The smooth textures with the leather pads are the coolest feature of the MDR NC 200D.

What’s innovative?

The innovation aspect of the headphone is out of the world with the noise cancelling capacity at the top of the chart. It can easily curtail 98 percent of the unwanted sound from the surroundings leaving a pure calm in your ears. The innovation of Sony in the built of the headphone such as the flexible head gears, and the cushioned parts of the contact region are pretty nice to handle. The leathered parts are an addition to your comfort level which is of utmost importance in case of a headphone.

Price and availability

The price tag of $200 has been worked out by the brand after much considerations. The Sony wanted it to be the companion of every individual of the city so the model has been priced pretty moderately. Any version of Sony headphone, especially the one like MDR NC 200D will be available in any showroom, so get your body up and rush to the nearest store of your choice.

The up side

1. The ultra comfortable wear of the head gadget is one of the most important up sides of the headphone.

2. The noise cancelling parameter is a revolutionary technology imbibed by Sony MDR NC 200D. It can effectively block all the noise of the surrounding areas and protect your ears from harmful effects.

3. The sound quality is truly a haven of pleasure in MDR NC 200, which has all the top class balancing parameters of audio to provide an impeccable listening.

The down side

1. The price of the device is $200 which is moderate but again the customer spectrum decreases as the price exceeds a certain level.

2. The battery back up is not pretty good and needs some extra care.

3. The noise isolation needs definite improvement because it hampers the performance of the headphone.

The bottom line

The MDR NC 200D is a terrific model and so needs special mention in the headphone industry. Even if the price is $200, it is worth buying considering all the facilities it provides.

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