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How to build a subwoofer and make it sound better

A subwoofer is an additional music clarity enhancement instrument. It improves the sound quality of the music and makes the sound better for the listeners to enjoy fully. You can install it on your home audio system or in your car to get quality sound from your music players.

If you want a subwoofer to be installed in your system, you can do it on your own too. That will save your money.

Difficulty level

Moderate as it requires minimum knowledge of music system.

Time required

It requires at least 30-40 minutes.

Resources required

  1. A subwoofer
  2. Subwoofer box
  3. Amplifier
  4. Wires
  5. Screws

Estimated cost

This article will help you learn not to spend a penny to build a sub woofer sound better. You might need to buy the accessories required. So, you need not spend high for the same.


  1. Buy a subwoofer compatible to your music system.
  2. Get the amplifier of right wattage for your system.
  3. Install the subwoofer with the music system by connecting the wires.
  4. Connect positive and negative terminals of the subwoofer to the music system correctly.
  5. Mount the subwoofer to the box by fixing it to the previously drilled holes around the edges. Place the subwoofer into the box and seal it tightly, so that the subwoofer sits securely.
  6. Connect the speaker wires outside the box. Put the positive and negative wires properly.
  7. Put a long wire, so that it can reach to the amplifier to support its proper placement.
  8. Connect the other ends of the speaker to the amplifier. For the same, you can refer to the manual. You can prefer a bridge connection for better output.
  9. Ground the amplifier for the safety purpose. To do so, connect the ground terminal from the amplifier to a piece of grounded metal.
  10. Connect the power wire from the power terminal of the amplifier to the power source.
  11. Connect the remote wire spot that goes from the remote- out spot from the amplifier to the remote- in spot of the receiver. Use this instruction only for installing a subwoofer in your car as home receivers do not require the same.
  12. Now, your subwoofer is installed. You can turn on the system to adjust the bass and the subwoofer as per your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Can these instructions help me to install the subwoofer in my car’s music system?
Of course, you can use these instructions to install a subwoofer in your car. But you need to concentrate on certain areas such as grounding etc for your cars.

How a subwoofer helps to get a better music quality?
The subwoofer releases filtered music from the music system with enhanced bass. So it is better to listen.

Can a subwoofer hamper my music system?
No, subwoofers never hamper a music system if installed properly.

Quick tips

  1. Always buy the subwoofers and amplifiers compatible to your systems. Otherwise, it might hamper your system.
  2. Buy a right sized subwoofer, so that it could be mount easily on the box.
  3. In a car while grounding the amplifier, connect the grounding wires to a place in your trunk with no paint to ensure perfect grounding.

Things to watch out for

  1. Make sure that the positive and negative terminals of the amplifier, subwoofer, and music system are connected correctly.
  2. Be extra cautious while grounding the amplifier as it needs to be grounded correctly for the safety of the music system.

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