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10 Awesome website for audio books

With the advent of electronic gadgets, the field of literature underwent a new revolution: audio books. These books were actually the recordings of the books read by a person. As electronics and IT continued to develop, these audio books continued to transform to meet the challenges of the market and demands of their potential customers.

The main advantage of an audio book is that one does not have to leave all the pending works to enjoy his/her favorite book. Moreover, these audio books are also useful for visually impaired people. However, if one goes by the official audio book, it will cost him/her a fortune. Following is a list of ten best websites that offer free audio books. What make these websites even more distinct is that if someone fails to find the audio book he/she wants, he/she can merely upload the ebook, and he/she will get the audio book for that converted from it.

1. LibriVox

LibriVox is a website that provides audio books from a public domain. These audio books are free of cost, and are recorded by thousands of volunteers worldwide. These are saved in mp3 or OGG format, and are easily accessible. If one wants to support this website’s cause of bringing all the books to free audio book-format, he/she can record his/her reading using a free voice recorder on his/her computer.

2. BooksShouldBeFree

As the title suggests, the only cause this website exists for is “to make all the books in the world available for free.” This motto cannot be achieved by loading ebooks, as it is no less than piracy, so they went for audio books. If one goes to the website, he/she will be impressed by the organization of the entire website. He/she can search for any book according to the title or genre. These audio books are available in both MP3 format and iTune file. Besides, BooksShouldBeFree also offers the full text links and some related links of the authors and books from Wikipedia. The only problem with this website is that one cannot find audio books for newer titles.

3. Archive

Archive is actually a website which provides links to poems and novels present in other free audio book-providing websites, such as Project Gutenberg, LibriVox and others. This gives a larger database for a surfer to look upon, increasing the chances of finding his/her preferred book in the audio format. Only thing he/she has to do is to type the name of the desired book in the search box.

4. Lit2Go

A simple looking website can throw the surfer out of his/her torpor with the state-of-art search facilities it provides. One can search by title, author, subject and, even, the reading level. If one has no idea what his book is called or in which category it belongs to, he/she can go for the search database option that allows him/her to search according to the keywords. Lit2Go provides free audio books of stories and poems in MP3 format for download. One can also view the books on the website or download the books as PDF files.

5. Open Culture

There are hundreds of free audio books on the Open Culture website, you can download them as MP3 files or add them to iTunes.

Besides audio books, you can also download ebooks, listen to music, read podcast tutorials and learn some other things.

Apart from the audio books, this website also offers videos and free lessons in languages that can help anyone learn and know quite easily.

6. Learn Out Loud

The website Learn Out Loud offers over 10,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads podcasts, and videos. Those audio books marked as Free are available for you to download for free. All one has to do is to type the keywords related with the desired book in the search box.

7. Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg audio books are divided into human-read and computer-generated categories, all the audio books are available for you to download in OGG, M4B, MP3 or SPX format.

8. Podiobooks

On the Podiobooks website, you can download the audio books as MP3 files, and you can also listen to the first episode of the free audio book on the download webpage.

9. ManyBooks

Besides thousands of ebooks, ManyBooks also offers over 1,600 free audiobook ebooks for you to download; you just need to select the Audiobook format before download.


There are hundreds of audio books in Fiction, Non-fiction and Children genres, and most of them are available for you to download in Bearable quality as MP3 files for free.

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