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Review of HTC Windows Phone 8S

Lookie here tech maniacs, an all new Windows Phone! For all of you who love experimenting or at any rate, keeping a new tab about new phones and being acquainted with their features and pros and cons, let’s see what HTC’s brand new presentation Windows Phone 8S has in store for us.

It should however be stated outright that Windows 8S is a far cry from the iOS and the Androids that we so love to use and cherish. Windows’ phones are always somehow different, and this new product is no different.

Nevertheless, there is after all no harm in finding out more and above all inspecting why it has somewhat become popular.

The Basics

Admittedly, Windows somehow never finds good phone making companies to manufacture their phones. HTC has somehow made a name for itself manufacturing Windows’ phones. To make a start with the basics of the phone, most of you will love the cute colors that come in double toned in one phone. So far, the colors on offer include blue back and black front and lemon yellow front and ash back.

Apart from the vibrant outlook, what will most surely appall you is how fairly it has been priced. For whatever the reason, the price is really reasonable considering it’s a Windows phone, the closest competitor, at least in terms of price, is Nokia Lumia 820.

The Features

To start off with, the exterior on the front has been created with Gorilla Glass Super LCD 4 inch display. Further, the phone is powered by 512 MB RAM, while the dual-core processor being 1 GHz.

Coming to the memory of the phone, Windows 8S comes equipped with an inbuilt memory of 4 GB. For those of you who are worried about the space being insufficient, Windows 8S comes prepared with a slot for an external memory MicroSD card.

Camera and Battery Life

The camera is the Windows 8S is 5 Mega Pixels rear camera. Though that seems to be rather inappropriate for a smart phone, nevertheless with a resolution of 720p, you can click pictures as well as record good videos.

Lastly, as far as the battery life of the phone is concerned, what with 1700 mAh battery, it should be convenient to last for about a day, notwithstanding excess usage of course. Finally, the basic structure of the phone is plastic, the solid kind and should be good enough for use in almost all conditions.

The only drawback is that, you cannot detach the back of the phone, so removing battery would be a difficult process.

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