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Put a sharper edge on education with the Google Classroom app

To support its recently launched Classroom education initiative, Google just came up with its range of Classroom apps. These apps have been launched across iOS and Android platforms.

Appearance –

While Google’s Classroom initiative is still limited to Web users, its newly launched apps can support education in all settings. The set of apps looks neat and tidy with several beneficial features to support the submission of student assignments. Using the Classroom apps, students can quickly submit their assignments and include relevant pictures and videos in them. They can include images and videos in the form of attachments. They can also share certain elements like PDFs from other apps to the Classroom apps. The apps additionally have offline coaching features. Thus, students can work even when they do not have an active connection.

Performance —

The new set of Classroom apps can be run smoothly on all kinds of mobile devices. The apps can support data transfer and archiving in multiple formats. Thus, students and teachers can greatly benefit from these high-performance apps. Since the Classroom apps are efficient and effective, they have a good scope if there is a better adoption of mobiles in classrooms. With varied capabilities of these apps, both students and teachers can find innovative ways to use them to make education more effective.

Ease of use —

It is very easy to use the Google Classroom apps on any mobile device. Users can attach pictures, videos and assignments from any place and at any time.

Usefulness —

As mobiles have gained good access in actual classrooms now, the apps from Google can significantly improve the quality of education in near future. While the Web-based version may be more prominent as of now, mobile clients may soon display a great engagement with the Google Classroom app. The set of these apps can make it easier and more beneficial for both teachers and students to interact on the same platform. The apps can support in the archiving of lectures. This can cut the need for active streaming and remove some mess.

Reputation –

While it is not worthy to check the reputation of the search engine giant, it has still made up wonderfully to its name. With its new set of free-to-use Classroom apps, Google has once again taken a revolutionary step in the education industry.

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