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OwnFone’s Braille Phone-Review

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A London based company – Ownfone – has come up with the world’s first Braille phone for the visually impaired people. The back and the front part of the device are made through 3D printing, which helped the manufacturer to keep the costs down up to 60 pounds. Users can customize this device to suit their requirements. You can choose the color of the handset and the keyboard type. The device has Braille or the raised text contact buttons. You can personalize your phone with two or four Braille buttons, which are pre-programmed for your family, friends or for the emergency services. You just need to press the button once and it will automatically dial the saved contact.


Consumers can customize the overall look of the phone using the 3D printing technique, to let them connect to their loved ones. The manufacturer also stated that it could even print dotted text on the keypad of the phone for those who do not know Braille. It can be personalized with two or four different Braille buttons. These buttons can be pre-programmed to call friends, family or emergency services.


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A wide assortment of touch screen phones by various brands has hit the market but none of them has done something for the visually impaired people. However, OwnFone is a company that has come up with its fist Braille phone with Braille or the raised text contact buttons. The 3D-printed hardware lets you select up to four contacts that you can feed in the device, making it ideal for emergencies and for enabling the user to stay in touch with the loved ones.



The Braille handset of OwnFone is available in the UK for £60, and £67.50 is the price if the buyer wants to have four number slots in place of two, and an additional monthly charge of £7.50 and £15.00 per month, depending on the call time you need. The inventor of this Braille handset, Tom Sunderland, says that the 3D printing at the back and front of the phone has helped to keep its cost down.

Availability –

Interested people can place their order through the company’s website. For the initial period, OwnFone’s Braille phone will be available exclusively in UK only.

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