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All-in-One Event Calendar-Review


Timely’s All-in-One Event Calendar is a website calendar that connects your world. It powers more than 70,000 website calendars. It is a fabulous way to list your events in WordPress and share them with the world in an easy way. The calendar has a clean visual design, powerful set of features, and a solid architectural pattern. All these features make it the most advanced calendar system available for the WordPress. The core edition of the calendar is available as a free download, you can download it and choose the theme out of the three custom designed themes for your calendar, or you can even develop the theme on your own. The add-ons you can install that will give you inline calendar theme, Posterboard view, Facebook integration and more.

Easy to use:

The All-in-One Event Calendar for WordPress is extremely easy to set up and manage. It takes few minutes to install. It is super easy to customize also, you can choose the themes as per your choice. It comes with 12 add-ons, 9 views and four themes. All these features give you a liberty to customize the look and performance of the calendar as per your liking and need.


You can display events of your choice including month, day, week, agenda, Posterboard and more. You can choose specific views and lock the others. You can easily import events from other Timely calendars or from any .ics event feed like the Google Calendar, Outlook and more. Similarly, you can export any event to another Timely calendar or .ics reader. You get the notifications on your mobile. It easily publishes the recurring events on any day, month or year. You can also import your Facebook events and the events on your pages and groups, and publish the events of Timely on Facebook. The calendar creates upcoming event widgets on the sidebar or footer to remind you of the upcoming events.



You can use the calendar to save all the maps and locations of your use. This calendar also optimize the search engines, actually it generates back-links to your site and improve your site’s ranking. You can match the theme, the colors and fonts to match your website’s look. Moreover, the events that you submit are absolutely secure under the calendar.


The Core calendar is free to download. The Pro calendar comes at a price of $75 and Enterprise calendar at $99.


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