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Oak Innovation Review: Comprehensive and Professional Leadership development courses

Professional Leadership
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As vital as leadership qualities are, they stand amongst the most underrated employee qualities. It’s because of two reasons. First of all, we mostly hire employees by looking at their technical capabilities, as leadership qualities are almost impossible to judge in a brief interview or even from a written test.

Moreover, we rarely put any of our employees in a position where they have to display any of their leadership qualities. So, most of the times, it is only the dominant employees who might create a chance to showcase their leadership qualities, whereas the passive and calm ones remain dormant. Since most of the great business leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. had a passive personality, this could be a great loss for the organization.

Can Oak Innovation help in developing important leadership qualities?

developing important leadership qualities

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Well, the answer is both yes and no. Oak innovation does provide you with all the options that you might need to run a successful leadership development program, but it is up to you to implement it. Moreover, the main problem with it is that it provides you with too much of a choice. So, as a beginner, we’d suggest that you first try to find out the particular field in which you need assistance, and then try to find out the best plan for yourself. Go for a full plan only if you have a huge organization, and you are sure that you’d be needing different types of leadership courses in the future too. For your reference, we have listed five of the most popular leadership courses at Oak Innovation.

Type of leadership courses you would find at Oak Innovation

1. Leadership and influence skills

Leadership and influence skills

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If leadership development is what you want, and you want a single course that encapsulates all of it, this is the one you should go for. At a moderate cost of ₹2,000, it would provide you with loads of professionally developed material. This includes a 45-page participant manual and 78 PowerPoint slides.

Not only the course acquaints with the popular terms and theories in the realm of leadership, it also includes activities which let you see the theory in action.  If you are a manager and trainer and are frequently required to hold presentations and activities for leadership development, this would prove to be a life saver. It would save you loads of time and effort, plus you’d also get stuff that’s developed by professionals.

2. Training for new managers

Training for new managers

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When it comes to managing employees, there’s nothing more difficult than managing managers. If you are too lax on them, they would be lax on the employees they are managing. But if you are too strict on them, they’d make sure that you end up doing their end of thinking.

So, when training your managers, it is important that you strike a perfect balance. The best way to do so is by having a code language regarding concepts, so that you don’t have to explain everything every time. The ‘Training for new managers’ course does precisely this. Along with a range of activities and games, it has as many management concepts that you would want your manager to know. So, this would give them plenty to fall back to and refer in case they are facing a difficult situation. At a price of ₹2,000, it isn’t a bad deal at all.

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3. Negotiation Skills

Professional Leadership

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From the general let us now come down to the particular. Although negotiation is an important part of leadership, but not everyone has to negotiate on a regular basis. So, people in certain job roles especially in the sales department would find it more useful, as it has plenty of content to make them go through the ins and outs of the process.

However, if negotiation is only a small part of your business, the course can still be helpful. You can still provide some of your diligent employees with the course material, so that they can work on it in their spare time. Provided that you give your employees a commission on every successful negotiation, you can be assured that they’d definitely take this course seriously. As it provides a comparable amount of course material, this course costs the same as the first two courses.

4. Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

This course explains the very fundamentals of the interview, and gives a detailed explanation for them. So, it would be helpful for both the potential interviewers and the interviewees. It would better acquaint the interviewers with the rules of the game, so that they can follow or break them wherever they wish. For interviewees, it would help them get a better assessment of their situation from both sides of the table. Since interviewers would rarely tell you what you did right or wrong in an interview, when you understand the basics of the interview, you have a better idea regarding where you stand. It costs the same as all the previous courses, and if you want to get a more detailed view of the situation, you can also go for the recruitment and selection course which costs just the same.

5. Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills

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Marketing is an essential part of every organization. If your company is successful when it comes to marketing, chances are you might already be acquainted with the contents of the courses. So, we’d suggest that before opting for the course, you first go through its contents on oakinnovation.com . In case if your company is in its initial stages and you haven’t developed a marketing strategy yet, buying this would course would be quite beneficial. Since this course costs just ₹2,000 it would save time and effort that you might need for developing marketing strategies and presentations. You can spend that time on other important things.

Other Important Leadership Courses

Professional Leadership

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Oak Innovation offers tons of other courses that directly or indirectly improve your leadership qualities. There are courses like conflict management, performance appraisal, job design etc. All of these cost the same as above, but as a special offer by applying DrPrem30 coupon you can get a 30% discount on all the products on the site. The offer is available only for a limited time period, so if you are looking to buy any products on the site, hurry up and buy them today.

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