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10 really ugly cellphones you won’t mind holding

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Cellphones have become a must-have utility cum accessory off late. Understanding the demand, cellphone manufacturers and developers around the world have been working on innovative technology and advanced features/designs. And this rising competition and ever increasing demand has brought about a huge change in the cellphone market. The first thing which clicks a buyers about a cellphone is its look or design. Features and technology come next. But what maybe stunning for one may be ugly to others. And in this hit and trial method, many leading cellphone manufacturers and developers came up with some rather too ugly cellphone designs. Below is the list of the 10 most ugly cellphones manufactured by some of the world renowned companies.

1. Vertu Boucheron Cobra

Vertu Boucheron Cobra

Vertu Boucheron Cobra is definitely the first contender in this list, being one of the most ugly phones ever made. A French Jeweler named Boucheron design this cellphone and named it Cobra. Later, Vertu took the initiative of manufacturing this cellphone, whose design has been inspired by a snake called Cobra. Only eight pieces of this expensive Vertu Boucheron Cobra cellphone have been manufactured so far. The Cobra snakes around the body of this cellphone making it a complete eyesore. The awkwardly positioned precious stones makes it all the more hideous. The Vertu Boucheron Cobra comes at a whopping price of $310,000 courtesy a pear cut diamond, a white diamond, emerald eyes of the snake and over 439 small rubies.

2. F88 Wrist Phone

F88 Wrist Phone
At times cellphone manufacturers go beyond conventions in order to come up with something new and innovative. One of such case is that of F88 Wrist Phone. Sadly, all their hard work went in vain, courtesy the ugly design. The worst aspect of this cellphone is the fact that the user has to bring his/ her wrist near his ear to hear a call. The impractical design made this mobile a complete technological disaster. The antenna attached to the Chinese cell-phone’s body makes it all the more hideous. The ugly F88 Wrist Phone comes at a price of $111,100

3. Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 TV

Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 TV
The only good thing about this ugly cellphone is that the user can access Mobile TV for free. Besides that, this cellphone is a complete flop show. The body of this cellphone is large and heavy, plus the battery life is quite a let down. Poor features makes this phone all the more avoidable. For 109 Euros, the Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 TV is one of the most ugliest cellphone.

4. Bang & Olufsen Serenata

Bang & Olufsen Serenata
The brand Bang & Olufsen is quite popular for experimenting with design and technology in a great way. But with this cellphone, they have proved that a brand popular for innovations too can go wrong. Bang & Olufsen Serenata would cost you about $2,000 but the cellphone is simply not worth the price because of the bad design. The screen of this cellphone is located below the keypad, which means that you will automatically block the screen while typing. The designing is poor and far away from practicality.

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5. Toshiba G450

Toshiba G450
The design of the Toshiba cellphone is simply pathetic. The design looks somewhat like a container used for keeping contact lenses. The poor functionality makes this cellphone a complete no-no for the customers. The mobile phone has two circular keypads which is definitely not going to make texting effortless. This cellphone is a senseless amalgamation of a cellphone, USB stick and mobile storage unit. Decently priced at $130, this cellphone is by far one of the more ugly and impractical cellphones in terms of designing.

6. Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650
Nokia has a good name around the world for manufacturing user friendly cellphones and accessories. The Nokia 3650 definitely harmed their image, thanks to its pitiful designing and poor functionality. The circular keypad makes typing a difficult experience. Priced above $400, this cellphone does not have many takers in the market. What could have been a bestseller, transformed into an ugly cellphone, courtesy the unconventional keypad experiment.

7. Nokia 7380

Nokia 7380

The Nokia 7380 is yet another ugly cellphone manufactured by Nokia. Priced at $180, the Nokia 7380 was not picked by many around the world. Nokia experimented a little too much with the design while coming up with this ultra sleek, bar shaped cellphone. Lack of proper keypad makes the design weird and less functional. This cellphone looks ugly as a package and is definitely not worth buying.

8. Hong Jeoug Dual LCD Cellphone

Hong Jeoug Dual LCD Cellphone
This dual screen cellphone was marketed and developed by Hong Jeoug . The two LCD screen fitted in this cellphone makes it look like some cheap toy. The screens are non functional and thus, this cellphone is a definite contender in the list of ugly phones. With a price tag of $1100, this cellphone is definitely not worth buying.

9. Bang & Olufsen Serene

Bang & Olufsen Serene
Bang & Olufsen’s manufactured Serene is also one of the most ugly cellphones ever made. Despite great audio performance and looks, this mobile has a side camera and the keypad is above the screen. This makes Serene a designer blunder. At a price of a handsome $1000, this cellphone is surely overpriced.

10. Siemens Xelibri

Siemens Xelibri
The Siemens Xelibri is a ugly cellphone, minus any worthy feature. Luckily this phone was pulled back by the company. The cellphone looks like a medical instrument, used to record BP.

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