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10 Most popular Getjar apps for Java Phones

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If you are the owner of a Java enabled multimedia phone, then you must know the importance of having various Java apps in your phone. These apps not only allow you to have a better browsing experience, but also help you in using your phone in a much better way, so that you can transform your simple multimedia set into a Smartphone (well almost). The most popular site for mobile downloads related to Java apps is GetJar from where you can get the best of Java apps. In this list the top 10 apps in terms of popularity and use have been compiled for you to go through, and even though there are a number of apps available in the market today, these apps have reached the top because of some special utility and uniqueness in them, as they provide you with the best browsing and other value added features, right there in your Java enabled mobile handset.

1. Getjar Snaptu App

Price- Freeware, the only cost incurred would be the data usage charges as applicable.

Getjar Snaptu App

Do you wish to have an iPhone, but are stuck with a simple Java enabled handset. You do not have to worry anymore. With the Snaptu app you can simply transform your simple multimedia handset into a Smartphone with similar looks and functions. Apps like Facebook, RSS reader,Twitter,Journey planner, Live score, Google Calendar, Movie reviews, Picasa, Pub reviews, Dictionary, and many more are just a fingertip away from use…and whats more, its all contained in one single app, that does not require too big an internal memory to be stored and can easily work on any Java enabled phone. Once you use the Snaptu app you can get the best out of your mobile and have an iPhone sort of experience that you would love. the best thing about this app is that it comes with so many functions and uses, yet it is available for free download. It is one of the best freewares available in the site, so if you do not have it yet, download it today.


The multiple uses combined with great ease of access form the main USP of this app, and since it is a free ware, there is no competition in terms of price too.

App Pros

This Snaptu app has so many plus points, that it is difficult to illustrate them all, some of the major pros are –

1. It is a freeware, and definitely worth a try.

2. It can transform your simple handset into a multiple utility Smartphone like handset.

3. It has various multiple utilities and can run a number of other functions like Facebook, dictionary, in it. Hence you get more in just a small app.

2. Opera Mini

Price- Freeware, only data usage charges may apply.

Opera Mini

After Opera had announced that it was going to open its own apps store, the Opera Mini Browser was ousted from the GetJar app store, but after some time once again the latest version of the browser(version 6) has been featured in the GetJar app store. This features one of the very best mobile web browsers that make accessing the internet over your phone very easy by compressing the websites to almost 95% of their original size. It has featured short cuts to take you directly to your favorite sites and has loads of utility contents that would simply make you love it.


The Opera Mini web browser is one of the best mobile browsers available that ensures that you get the best browsing speed even in slow 2G connections.

App Pros

1. It is by far one of the best mobile web browser available in the market for free.

2. Opera Mini has a reputation of constantly reinventing the browser to make it faster and better.

3. It has all the features required of a browser, and is very easy to operate.

3. Mig33

Price- Freeware, only Data charges may apply


For those of you who wish to stay connected at all times via your mobile device, this app is of immense help. The Mig33 requires only Java in your phone and works well in over 300 models of mobiles. It allows you instant access to Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and various other IM services. This app can also be used to send free SMS and make cheaper calls. The Mig33 also allows you to create user profiles for making new friends online and staying in touch with the existing ones, by sharing information, photos, chatting and by sending and receiving files from your Mig33 contacts. The Mig33 also offers free credits when you invite a friend to join the Mig33 group.


The USP of Mig33 lies in its million strong network in which you can have friends, contacts and care and share everything that you wish and even earn money by adding new friends to the Mig33 network.

App Pros

The most prominent and loved features of Mig33 include

1. Instant Chat and emails from your phone.

2. Free SMS and very low cost Calls.

3. Sharing files and pictures with your contacts.

4. eBuddy

Price- Freeware, only carrier data charges apply.


The eBuddy Mobile App is one of the most downloaded apps of GetJar and has reported more than 50 million downloads till date. eBuddy is an internet based messenger service that gives you access to your favorite web based applications like Yahoo, MSN, AIM, all on the same page. Now you can be online simultaneously on all your chat sites from your mobile and stay connected with your friends. The eBuddy app is the most sought for its multi utility. It can be used in sharing pictures, choosing multiple themes and accessing social networking accounts and profiles. With eBuddy you will always stay connected with your friends.


The eBuddy mobile is one of the most popular apps in the world; it brings connectivity right on to your phone and converts it into a 24 x 7 communication device.

App Pros

1. It allows you to open multiple chat accounts at the same time.

2. It offers additional file sharing and access to social network sites.

3. It is absolutely free to use.

5. Nimbuzz

Price- Freeware, only data carrier charges may apply.


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This dutch Software has made its presence felt over the years and has evolved into a very necessary app for you Java enabled mobile handset. With Nimbuzz you can chat on various GTalk, Skype, MSN, AIM, Yahoo as well as make conference calls, all from your own mobile. Its VoIP features are secondary to none and one of the very best available in the market at the present time. The entire process of using this app is hassle free and very easy to access from your mobile. You can use your Nimbuzz app to make international and long distance calls at local rates, and also make free PC to PC calls using Skype. The Nimbuzz chat service isn’t bad either and has a large fan following.


The USP of this app lies in the fact that it utilizes your GPRS and converts your mobile into a full blown communication device capable of VoIP and IM.

App Pros

1. You can access multiple chat options from it.

2. You have the choice of making free PC to PC calls or long distance calls at local rates.

3. You may create your own ringtones and more while using this app.

6. Palringo

Price- Freeware, only data carrier charges may apply


The Palringo app allows you to make the best of its chat capabilities. It connects you to all your chat accounts and allows you to access them via a single list that you can easily monitor and access in the same menu. It is a great way to stay connected with your friends. You can also use this app to find new friends or rediscover long lost ones. You can also share your pictures over the app and can send them to friends in real time when needed. You also have the option of sending them Voice mails and the process is very fast and easy to do. Just like in most of the social networking media, you can set your status here and can automatically make it your Facebook status, right from your phone.


It is a great app for staying connected with friends and allows you to send voice mails to your friends mobile very easily.

App Pros

1. You can share your pictures with friends in real time.

2. You can send voice mails to friends.

3. You can access multiple accounts simultaneously in a single menu.


Price- Freeware, only data carrier charges may apply


Bolt is one of the best available mobile web browsers that works really well even in the low end 2G mobiles, and provides you with unmatched performance and a cool browsing experience. It is a freeware, and has been made such that it not only works well on high end mobiles but also on simple multimedia sets as well. It offers super downloading speeds even on slow connections and gives you a PC like experience.


THE Bolt app makes use of the ThunderHawk technology of browsing that that allows you to have an unparalleled browsing experience even on low end mobiles.

App Pros

1. It works well even on low end mobiles.

2. It is blazing fast and optimizes your web experience and provides you with more juice.

3. It provides PC like user interface and utility.

8. UC Browser

Price- Freeware, only the data carrier charges may apply

UC Browser

The UC Mobile web browser is one of the most used mobile web browsers in the world today. It is available in a number of languages in almost every country across the globe. It gives you a great browsing experience and allows you to have access to superfast internet even on low speed carriers. The website is compressed to up to 85% of its normal size to allow you to have a quicker access to it. With the UC Browser you can have access to any internet website for entertainment, specialized services or even ecommerce.


The super fast speed and great compression of websites in the browser allow you to have more information in lesser time.

App Pros

1. It is one of the most trusted web browsers in the world.

2. It offers superfast speed even on slow speed mobile connections.

3. It works well on most of the mobiles, even on low end ones.

9. Yahoo Mobile

Price- Freeware, only data carrier charges may apply

Yahoo Mobile

The joining hands of Yahoo with GetJar has been one of the most pleasing news for mobile users as it not only allows them to have a better search experience but would also allow them to search for their favorite apps in a better fashion. Yahoo is the first search engine to be integrated with GetJar. The Yahoo mobile search app is also very helpful for every mobile user in search for any information, especially those who are the owners of low end Java enabled handsets.


Yahoo search engine is known as one of the best search engines on the web, and its integration with GetJar allows you to use it on your mobile to search for almost anything.

App Pros

1. Yahoo app brings to you the best search engine experience in your mobile.

2. Yahoo makes searching for apps faster and easier, and is a great tool for developers to feature their apps in key word search results.

3. It is fast and reliable.

10. Facebook Mobile

Price- Freeware, only data carrier charges may apply

Facebook Mobile

Last but not the least is the Facebook mobile app. It is perhaps the most downloaded app in the history of mobile applications. Facebook is one rage that does not seem to die down. It has one of the largest collection of members from around the globe that are fully addicted to the Facebook site and thus when it is available in the apps section of GetJar then it is bound to be the leader in terms of the number of times of downloaded apps. Facebook mobile allows you to virtually access every Facebook feature from your mobile, be it changing your status or sharing pictures and visiting the profiles of your friends. It is a must have app in every mobile handset.


The name Facebook is enough to make it a best seller, and it brings it a little closer to you through your mobile by allowing 24 x 7 Facebook connectivity.

App Pros

1. It allows you to access Facebook from your mobile.

2. You can access every Facebook feature from this app.

3. It is fast and works well even in low speed connections.

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