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New clutch bags are sized to our technology—Audio clutches

New clutch bags are sized to our technology—Audio clutches

Clutch bags are the biggest fashion fad this season. Be it a party, a casual get together your ensemble is incomplete without that perfect clutch bag. They are available in so many textures, colours, size the options are just unlimited. The clutch you carry speaks volumes about your style statement, lifestyle and taste sensibilities. It truly is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. Besides being a style statement, clutch bags are very convenient as well. Thanks to clutch bags that are living up to fit in the technology.

There are clutch bags available in size that can store in them even the tablets and the new age smart phones. Just one stylish clutch and you are all sorted for the evening. The new massive clutches can fit in your bare essential cosmetics and your very priced possession your phone. Gone are the days when you would move out of the house with a clutch that would fit in only a comb, a lipstick, cards, license and car keys. Today we are a lot more tech-savvy and have plenty of gadgets from which we cannot break free. Our smart phones, tablets, i-pads are something which we can’t part with. Designers, keeping in mind our tech-savvy requirements and the latest fashion trend have gone an extra mile to keep us updated both in technology and fashion.

There are a host of clutch bags and totes available in trendy and chic designs to fit in all our gadgets that we all so dearly love. A clutch bag is no more just a style statement its all about functionality as well. In fashion capitals Paris, New York and Los Angeles big clutch bags have taken the whose who by a storm. The trend is fast catching up in India as well. Off late many celebrities have been seen sporting big clutch bags to all social do’s and parties. “the new age clutch bag has arrived. It’s something everyone can pull of”. Clutch bags are no more just an evening clutch or a handbag sort of size look large. So, neither the clutch bag is too sparkling or over trendy. Clutch bags today are something that people can carry to work as well to a casual evening coffee or dinner. Clutch bags these days are multi-functional. They are ideal both for office and an outing. They are the new compact substitutes to the shoulder bag or the handbag.

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