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Nest cam adds simplicity of use to your home monitoring solution

Nest Cam
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Nest Labs recently launched their camera called Nest Cam for home monitoring. If you have been looking for an effective security cam, then it can be a good option to try out. While it will need you to take some paid services, let us see how deservedly it performs.


If you remain out of your home most of the time during the day or night, then Nest Cam can be a nice way to keep a watch on the security of your home. While you may not only watch out for your kids at home, but may also hear the entry of a stranger in the house.

Nest Cam does a great job givingyou the live video and audio feed of anything happening within the immediate boundary of a space. While it shows live and just-happened stuff, it will not show you the historical video clips, as that service is paid.

Value for money

Nest Cam is available at a competitive price of $200, which seems justified for all similar DIY cameras cost around the same. However, you may find it unworthy without availing its paid service for watching historical recordings. For this, you will need to pay around $10 if you want to watch the feed for 10 days in a month.

Else, it can be taken for around $30 a month for the feed of the entire month. Thus, it is every user’s individual opinion how they find the extra charges for this service, along with the set payment they make for this device.


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It is a small DIY camera system with built-in microphone. This plastic cam has a round face on a stick-like pedestal. Its base is metallic and magnetized to be fixedon aplatform that sticks to a magnet.

Its back has a micro USB port where a thick white cable can be plugged in for charging.Nest Cam seems safe from break-ins, as there is no physical button to turn it off. You can do that using its mobile app or by pulling out the cable from the wall. Overall, it is a simple yet elegant device for home monitoring purposes.


This camera is superb in terms of its video capturing abilities at nighttime, as well as its features of 1080p HD streaming and a 130-degree, wide-angle view. You can receive clear and high-quality video feed with the device that you can completely rely on.

Nest Cam has great connectivity, and it works effectively in synchronization with its mobile app. You can use it smoothly with all iOS and Android devices. Once you do the settings, the camera works efficiently to provide alerts every half an hour, given that there is some activity detected. If you are watching historical clips, then these can be downloaded in MP4 format.

Ease of use

The ease with which Nest Cam works is amazing. Even a child at home can quickly learn to operate it. The device hardly takes time for being set up the first time you use it. Just take it out of the box and download the app in seconds. It is ready to be connected over Wi-Fi. It would only take you a minute to do all this and make your Nest Cam operational. However, you can only watch some specific area within 20 feet of its LED view.

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