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Apps and accessories that can make your smartphone smarter

While you may be using a smartphone, do you think it is really smart? If you feel it can work even smarter, then all you need is a set of tools and apps. Apart from regular tasks that a smartphone does, it can do a lot extra like locating your car in a parking space, acting as your kitchen assistant or operating your remote electronic devices. Check out some cool apps or gadgets that can make such things possible.

Pushbullet app

Pushbullet app

The exchange of data between a smartphone and computer has become quite easier now with the Pushbullet app. To use it, you will need to install it on your phone and then its extension in your browser. This app will help you get rid of tiring ways to send data through emails or uploads. You can directly exchange it between your devices. You may not only share pictures or open links directly in your browser, but may also set all your notifications on your phone if your computer is active.



If This Then That (IFTTT) is an app that lets the Internet perform certain functions for you while a linked function is being performed. For instance, it can change your Twitter status when you make an update to your Facebook page. Similarly, it can silent your phone as soon as you enter your office or can also email your pictures taken newly by your phone. Thus, it is a useful tool for multitasking in daily life.


Linkio 2

This converter app can help you connect your electronic devices and make you control them remotely. For instance, it is quite useful if you can control your air conditioner while sitting in your office or turn off the lights when you forget doing so.

Touchjet Pond

Touchjet Pond

This cool accessory can help you project the screen of your smartphone anytime, anywhere. It is a kind of smartphone-linked handy projector with which you do not to interact with the screen. You only interact with the projection.


This wonderful gadget can make you track your kid, pet or even your car. If they wander away, then you can simply check their location using this device that sends you text or email notifications.

Many smart apps and gadgets for smartphones can help you with several daily tasks in an easier manner. Such interesting apps and tools can make life quite stress-free.

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