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Munitio Planning To Come Up With Its Line Of Unmatched Headphone

Munitio Planning To Come Up With Its Line Of Unmatched Headphone
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On Dec 19, 2012, Munitio, an urban headphone brand has introduced an unmatched line of headphones that is a perfect blend of sleek designs and studio-grade sound providing its customers an eminent listening experience. This array of headphones distinguishes itself from other quality headphones. Renowned producers, DJs and recording artists summon up Munitio for its thundering bass, smooth mids, crystal-clear highs and unique sound-tight. At present, company is endeavoring to bring in its new line of earphones and launch first design of over-ear headphones. This powerful cult-brand is set to deliver something that other headphone brand has never planned to do.

What’s Special

By the end of this year, Munitio has decided to take sound quality to new thriving levels by introducing much awaited design vibe. With the launch of SITi or “Standard Issue Titanium”, a 9mm tactical line of earphone, Munitio has marked a personal audio outlook in the year 2010. Good thing is that SITi covering is incorporated with technologies like Silicon Hollow Points and MUNITIO base-enhancing chamber that delivers explosive yet clear sound identity. Munitio will keep on introducing its revolutionary headphones add an element to its popularity in upcoming year.

Munitio Plans For 2013

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When debuting at Digital experience of Pepcom during “CES 2013”, audience will be able to have its first look. In addition to this, they can also grab an opportunity to try out exciting lines of new headphones that also includes most recent version of 9mm earphone “NINES”. Munitio believes that its customers love music and the way it is presented. This is the leading cause why company paved way for listeners to hear complete dynamics of recording. Without any doubt, Munitio earphones’ sound produces visceral emotion felt by users when they connect to music. According to Munitio Co-founder, Robert Benjamin, company does not compromise with the quality and sound.

Munitio Milestones

Recently, Munitio joined hands with Caster Communication for increasing popularity and awareness of its brand among enthusiasts of electronics, mobile gaming, music and audio. MUNITIO continue to launch elite range of lifestyle headphones that not only highlights it unique performance but also brings audiophile sound to community. This further reveals its shared passion and zeal for music. According to president of caster, Kimberly Lancaster, company intends to come up to the desires of potential customers who embrace culture of music ranging from typical electro to hip-hop. Moreover, entire community of this brand is developed for and from music.

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