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Microsoft Band tries being a smartwatch and fitness tracker without being either

Microsoft Band tries being a smartwatch and fitness tracker without being either

Microsoft recently launched its fitness band called Microsoft Band, which is neither a pure smartwatch nor a pure fitness tracker. As this band falls in a category somewhere in-between, let us try to see what all it offers to its users.


Microsoft Band is definitely a plus when we talk about fitness tracking, which is its priority task. This fitness tracker may not only check your heart rate, but may also tell you about your calories burnt, steps taken, skin temperature and sensitivity. You can also track your sleep and other general health factors using this band. It is a great gadget for guided workouts.

Along with providing motivational alerts, it also keeps telling you about the required recovery time after you finish your exercise session. The device is wonderful for gaining effective insights into your general health and well-being. Apart from fitness factor tracking, this band is quite cool for pulling in messages and emails, as well as other phone notifications to your wrist.

Value for money

At $200, users may go on any path with this device. While it has mixed features of a fitness band and smartwatch, it needs to beat the competition from both sides. However, as a projected fitness tracker, Microsoft Band still needs to work on its consumer appeal and a few performance factors before it actually deserves this price. However, it is not a bad deal if you are majorly concerned about a promising software front.


The design of this fitness band does not seem very appealing. In fact, it is disinteresting and uncomfortable. Its overall design is bulky, stiff, and boring. Its hard plastic makes the band inflexible to certain extent. You may also notice multiple protrusions on this fitness band. It looks oddly proportioned. In addition, you will find it really awkward that the display has been designed to go to the inside of your wrist.

It may even be dangerous for its screen. You can probably wear this band only on your dominant hand. On the other hand, it is a relief that the 1.4-inch screen is nice and bright. While the accompanying Microsoft Health software platform is nicely designed, it is also merely a promise as of now. You may not find many interesting apps on it.


Ranging from the GPS and ultraviolet or ambient light to accelerometer and gyroscope, this fitness band is equipped with several sensors that track your health factors quite effectively and fetch you a large amount of relevant data. The device pairs up nicely with your iOS, Android or Windows devices.

On the other hand, Microsoft Band may not give you a long battery life. Its battery life only matches that of some smartwatches and not of competing fitness trackers. You may stretch it to a maximum of two days. While the software in this gadget does not offer extraordinary features as of now, it is still efficient in all the tasks it handles. Probably, with more data gathering, it could display its real effectiveness and performance.

Ease of use

Even though the device does not look interesting, its usage is easier. It quickly synchronizes with your phone and can also display the data that is of relevance to you at any specific time. You may easily set the background and colors of your liking on the display. It is also very simple to check your activity trends and upload your own workout routines from externalcompatible apps onto this device. The band keeps giving you fast and useful alerts on tracked data and exercises you should be doing.

Microsoft Band has a major advantage in the form of Microsoft Health software. While the device gives you great insight into your health and fitness factors, it is not very pleasing and comfortable for longer use.

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